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  • 1 BTC = 10 610,65 €
  • 1 ETH = 278,72 €
  • 1 LTC = 103,20 €

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1 LTC = 103,20 €

What is Litecoin ?

Keep control of your money and receive your digital currency directly in your wallet. We constantly improve our system to provide robutsness, security, innovative solutions.

What is Blockchain ?

The Blockchain enables the use of most cryptoassets. It is a decentralized database secured by cryptography. Blockchain is typically managed by a peer-to-peer network.

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Where to sell Litecoin ?

Coinhouse offers a simple and secure way to sell Litecoin online. We will transfer your Litecoins in euros directly to your bank account within 48 hours after receipt of funds. Our platform offers you the possibility to sell your Litecoin online. To make your sale, you just need to create an account on our platform. You can also carry out the sale directly at our physical point of sale when you present a valid ID at the Coinhouse Store, located at 35 rue du Caire in Paris.

How to sell Litecoin ?

Log in to our platform and start a sales operation. Then enter your bank details. Enter the amount in € that you wish to sell, the LTC equivalent will appear just below. Then a long alphanumeric string will appear, accompanied by a QR Code. Scan the code, or enter the indicated wallet address manually.

Enter the amount displayed on the platform and send. Your funds will then be transferred to our address. Upon receipt of the funds, we will send you the SEPA credit transfer.

Be careful to send bitcoins (BTC) only to a public bitcoin address (BTC), and litecoin (LTC) only to a public litecoin address (LTC).

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