Selling Ethereum: your guide to selling Ether with Coinhouse

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a decentralised blockchain that offers its users the chance to create smart contracts. Smart contracts facilitate the transparent exchange of money, property, shares or other tradable items without the need of a trusted third party. These contracts are computer code containing the rules agreed between the parties, saved on a blockchain, and in directly control of the digital assets stated in the contract.

How to sell Ether?

Are you thinking about selling your Ether? It is a fairly simple process because, if you already have a wallet of cryptocurrencies, it means you already hold an account with a trading platform like Coinhouse. However, there are different ways you can sell your Ether. Let’s look at what these ways are and whether it is absolutely necessary to sell Ether for euros.

On what platforms can you sell Ether?

Different platforms give you a way to buy and sell Ether. They can be broken down into two main groups. One is peer-to-peer platforms that act as intermediaries to bring two possible investors together (these transactions are over-the-counter). The other is crypto trading platforms on which you can convert Ether into euros or trade your assets for other cryptocurrencies.

Coinhouse is a trading platform that offers a very simple way to sell Ether. If you do not have an account, opening one up takes a couple of minutes – with your identity checked at the same time. You will need to link the bank account where you want to receive your sale proceeds.

With Coinhouse, you can place a quick sell order with bank transfer: this simplified operation facilitates the sale of your Ether in mere minutes. It means you can take the decision to sell in real time when it is most convenient for you.

If you decide to sell Ether for euros

When you want to sell Ether, you will probably first think about converting it into fiat money and sell it for euros. In this case, you choose the price you want to sell at and the corresponding euro-denominated value will be paid into the bank account that you linked with your account on the trading platform.
Beware: under French law, any capital gains over €305 on the sale of cryptocurrencies are subject to tax. So, at the time you fill in your tax return, if you made over €305 in cryptocurrency sales, those gains will be taxed at a flat rate of 30%. This is one factor to consider when you decide to sell your Ether.

If you decide to exchange your ETH for other cryptocurrencies

If you are considering exchanging your Ether for other cryptocurrencies, things are different. First, trading platforms let you buy and sell Ether for other digital currencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, etc. There is very often a broad choice of cryptocurrencies to choose from and practice trading with.

Now the good news, these transactions are not taxable. Even if you make a gain when you sell your Ether, you will not have to pay any tax on this sum as it is not considered a disposal. Essentially, you can buy and sell Ether or any other coin until you make sufficient profit for yourself and then, and only then, convert it all into euros.
Nevertheless, it is a very complicated process to carry out because you will need to monitor closely the price of the different cryptocurrencies and keep a close eye on how the coins or tokens perform in order to seize any real opportunities.

When and why should you sell Ether?

Thanks to Coinhouse’s offer allowing a quick sale by bank transfer, you now know how to sell your ether coins easily and as quickly as possible. But besides that, why would you sell your Ether? And when is the best time to sell?

Why sell your Ether?

There are various reasons why you might sell your Ether. What might they be?

  • You need some money to fund a project or something else so you decide to sell all or a portion of your cryptocurrency portfolio.
  • You have the opportunity to take some profits. You bought ETH at a certain price with the expectation of it to rise. That situation has come to pass and you feel now is the time to sell your Ether for a gain.
  • You want to reinvest your money to take advantage of an all time high in the price. In this case, you are going to move between buying and selling Ether to get the most out of any opportunities that arise, but also sell Ether in order to buy other coins.
  • You see that the price of ETH is falling and you do not want to lose any money. In this case, you choose to sell Ether before its price falls any further. This choice only makes sense if you invested for the short term. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile so it is best to invest for the long term and be patient.

When should you sell your Ether?

All that remains is to know when the right time to sell your Ether is. The answer is simple at first glance: when the price is at its highest. The value of ether coins changes over time and goes up and down depending on a large number of market factors (since it is supply and demand that underlie the prices of cryptocurrencies).

This complicates things. It is impossible to know when a crypto has hit its peak and is likely to begin its descent. So, it is hardly easy to determine exactly when it is the right time to sell. You will have to monitor the price and keep abreast of the latest news in the cryptocurrency sphere. You can always check out what experts think will be the future trends as a way to anticipate future changes and determine when you should sell your Ether.

If you trade (meaning you buy and sell Ether and other digital coins over short periods to make a profit and reinvest), you must then pay close attention to the changes in prices throughout the day. You cannot miss out on any good opportunity!

How to sell Ether with Coinhouse

  1. Open an account: you can open an account on our platform in seconds.
  2. Identity check: we verify your identity as a safeguard against possible scams and phishing.
  3. Sell Ether: you can sell your ether and the sale price in euros will be in your bank account shortly afterwards. 

How to sell Ether with Coinhouse?

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Coinhouse was the first platform to be registered with the French Financial Markets Regulator as a Digital Assets Service Provider. Our team is on hand to talk to you and advise you on a strategy that is adapted to your needs.

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Sell your cryptocurrencies in less than 10 minutes on Coinhouse. We guide you through each step of the registration process. When you buy or sell, you will have all the information on a single transaction note.


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Several payment methods available

We accept the following payment methods: credit card and bank transfer. With a card, you can buy instantly at the moment you feel is right.