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Tezos is a decentralized platform for advanced autonomous contracts. Tezos differs from Ethereum in two main ways.

Liquid Proof-of-Stake

As a public blockchain, Tezos provides an economic incentive for transaction validators to secure the network via a system purely in Proof-of-Stake and not in Proof-of-Work. In particular, this system allows the holders of XTZ, the platform’s native asset, to easily receive their share of the system’s monetary creation.

“On-chain” governance

Unlike Bitcoin or Ethereum, the Tezos protocol incorporates a protocol improvement process that asks XTZ holders to vote for the improvements they want to see added. This ensures that the chain used is the canonical chain, in case of a protocol fork.


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What is Tezos? 
Tezos’ main value proposition is “self-regulated” governance within the protocol itself. Its protocol is implemented with a proof of stake mechanism.

How to choose your wallet?
The choice of a cryptocurrency wallet depends mainly on the use you will make of it. Some are more suitable to secure your funds as much as possible.

What is Blockchain?
A blockchain is a numerical account book – a registry – that uses cryptographic methods to structure data into blocks.

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