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  • 1 BTC = 9 389,23 €
  • 1 ETH = 199,77 €
  • 1 LTC = 88,59 €

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1 BTC = 9 389,23 €

What is Bitcoin ?

Bitcoin is the cryptoasset of reference. Today, it is the most reliable and secure network for making transactions.

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What is the Blockchain ?

The blockchain enables the use of most cryptoassets. It is a decentralized database secured by cryptography. The Blockchain is typically managed by a peer-to-peer network.

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Coinhouse is the trusted partner for individuals and companies interested in cryptoassets. Buy and sell bitcoin instantly and easily with the service we provide, thanks to our intuitive and secure platform. We provide the easiest way to buy bitcoin.

How to receive my bitcoins?

Today, the popularity of cryptocurrency is such that sites offering to invest in bitcoin are multiplying. Unfortunately, some sites are dishonest and may be fraudulent or scams. At Coinhouse, we do not store our clients' active crypto. To ensure that our clients are in full possession of their crypto assets, we deliver them directly to their personal wallets.

For any purchase on our platform, you must provide a public address. Bitcoins will be delivered directly to the portfolio address provided during the ordering process and delivered within a few hours only (with payment by credit card) or following actual receipt of the transfer to our bank account (with payment by bank transfer).

How to Purchase Bitcoin Online?

Coinhouse allows you to purchase bitcoin online with a credit card, bank transfer or by going directly to our physical Coinhouse Store, with a valid passport or ID card.

For a credit card payment, we will send the bitcoin to your address once the payment has been accepted and validated by our banking partner. Delivery is generally made in less than 2 hours and within a maximum of 12 hours.

For a bank transfer payment to be valid, the customer must make a bank transfer to the COINHOUSE account from a bank account in his name and opened in a bank located in the SEPA zone (it is essential to enter the CNHS code provided in the transfer wording). Delivery is made within a maximum of 72 hours.

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