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Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a clone of an older version of Bitcoin on which the development team modified some parameters.

The challenge of scaling up “on-chain”

Bitcoin cash is the result of a split from the Bitcoin community following diverging opinions on how to scale up the Bitcoin network. The community supporting Bitcoin Cash is in the minority, and believes that scaling should not be done through secondary networks such as the Lightning Network, but rather through other methods, such as increasing block sizes. Thus, bitcoin Cash has 32 MB blocks and not 1.8 MB as on Bitcoin.

Agressive marketing

Bitcoin cash is a project led by influential people and entities in the Bitcoin ecosystem such as Roger Ver and formerly Bitmain and his former CEO Jihan Wu. Roger Ver owns, and refers to Bitcoin Cash as “the real Bitcoin”. This is obviously not true because Bitcoin is a community project. The true Bitcoin is therefore the one that is carried by the majority of the community and not by the minority. The teams behind Bitcoin Cash are thus confusing the novices.


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