The Recurring Buy, the option to smooth your investments in crypto

To optimize your investment strategy, Coinhouse implements Recurring Buy, an automated crypto strategy, to allow you to smooth out the purchase price of your cryptos.

Don’t look for the right time to invest your funds. 

No commitment and deactivable at any time

Nos conseillers Coinhouse


Optimize your crypto buys and remedy volatility risks

Nos conseillers Coinhouse


Smooth your investments and minimize risk and market swings 

Nos conseillers Coinhouse


Adapt your buying strategy over the long term by building up your portfolio little by little

3 steps

to subscribe to this option

01     Create an account

Or log in to your personal space

02   Buy cryptos

Choose an amount and invest in one of the 50 cryptos available on our platform.

Minimum investment amount : 20€ TTC

03   Select “Recurring Buy”

3 investment timelines available: Weekly / Bi-monthly / Monthly