Learning about blockchains: find out everything about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are always a hot topic and continue to make inroads in the investment world. However, they can seem complicated for anyone who is not properly initiated about them. Before you embark on an adventure with Bitcoin or any other altcoin, you need to understand what they are about. This is why Coinhouse offers blockchain tutorials.

Why take a cryptocurrency tutorial?

If you are reading this, more than likely you are interested in cryptocurrencies and you are wanting to dip a toe in. There are any number of reasons pushing you to invest in these digital assets:

  • You want to earn more and cryptocurrency seem a good way to top up your monthly income.
  • You have money to invest and want to diversify your portfolio.
  • You are tempted to try out a new financial adventure…

Or maybe you just want to gain some new skills and knowledge… Whatever motivates you, the cryptocurrency courses on Coinhouse will give you a solid foundation to better understand how and why Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and others trade the way they do. If you are looking to create your own investment portfolio, our cryptocurrency tutorials will help you develop a better strategy in growing your digital assets faster. In other words, we lay down the steppingstones you need to be successful in the complicated world of crypto trading.

While the crypto market is not without risk, far too many novice traders jump right in without having any real understanding about what cryptocurrencies are. They take excessive, pointless risks that turn out to be highly costly in the end. They initially expect to make outrageous returns. But they end up investing ineffectively. Taking a course on cryptocurrencies will enable you to invest more rationally and help you find the best risk-reward ratio on the investment.

Need to learn more about cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin, Ethereum, the cryptocurrency ecosystem…
Coinhouse provides various tutorials to help you find the answers to all the questions you have about this technology.

What topics are broached in the cryptocurrency courses?

Coinhouse offers different units that will look at cryptocurrencies in all their aspects. You will first learn about Bitcoin. It was the first cryptocurrency, which spawned the rest. Our courses take you on a journey back to the origins of this primordial digital coin so you can better understand how the entire blockchain works.

The cryptocurrency courses are very useful for learning about the different digital currencies and the special features of each one. Knowing what a cryptocurrency is and does is essential before you buy it.

You will learn how to use a wallet and invest more at ease with the help of entertaining and stimulating workshops. Coinhouse gives you the tools to learn the fundamentals of investing and the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem. Our cryptocurrency courses look at what the different marketplaces and exchanges are, how you can ensure your crypto-assets are safely stored, how you can use the main trading tools, what taxes apply to these investment types and even what decentralised applications are all about.

The principle is very simple: at the end of your tutorials on cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, you will be able to trade, sell and securely store your assets.


Who are the cryptocurrency courses for?

Coinhouse’s cryptocurrency courses are open to anyone, no prior knowledge is needed. In other words, complete novices are welcome! The only things you need are a web browser, a decent Internet connection to allow you to follow the course and place buy and sell orders, and of course a desire to learn.

The cryptocurrency tutorials have been designed with different investor profiles in mind, specifically:

  • those wanting to start investing in cryptocurrencies;
  • investors who would like to know how to buy, sell, trade more efficiently, as well as safely hold their assets;
  • individuals who simply want to understand how cryptocurrencies and blockchains work.

You should also note that cryptocurrencies are not just for Millennials despite what many people believe – no one is too old to learn about the blockchain. It can also be an excellent way to refresh your knowledge about investments, especially in relation to new technology. Because cryptocurrencies are an excellent alternative to traditional assets, they are also a very good way to diversify your investments and grow your wealth.

Coinhouse’s courses:

3 distinct units

Bitcoin &

3 modules available:

Learn where Bitcoin came from.

Understand how a blockchain works and why it is useful.

Join a workshop to learn how to handle a wallet.



Ethereum &

3 modules available:

Introduction to Ethereum and decentralised applications.

• Understanding decentralized finance.

Join a workshop on DeFi.



Cryptocurrencies & Investments

3 modules available:

• Understand the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Learn the basics of investing.

Join a workshop on learning how to invest with peace of mind.



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Why invest in cryptocurrencies with Coinhouse?

Coinhouse does not just offer courses on blockchains, we are, first and foremost, specialists in crypto trading. Since 2014, our reliable platform has enabled clients to invest in digital assets. We can suggest different investment strategies to help you optimise your returns. With Coinhouse, you can schedule your investments in advance by setting up recurring bank transfers to automate your trades. This will also smooth out your purchases over time and limit the effects of volatility inherent in your crypto-assets. Take the time to immerse yourself in a safer, long-term strategy and stagger your investments to get the most out your holdings!

How to buy cryptocurrencies

Once you have taken one of our cryptocurrency courses, you will probably be champing at the bit to invest in Bitcoin or another altcoin. Coinhouse provides an easy way to buy cryptocurrency with a bank card. The first thing is to open an account with Coinhouse. This only takes a few seconds and our platform will guide you through every step. Once we have verified your identity (how we protect you from possible fraud), the next step is quite simply: buy your first bitcoins using a card or a bank transfer. The minimum amount is just €50.

Because Bitcoin is today a benchmark for other cryptos and a truly credible investment alternative, we offer you all the necessary means for you to take advantage of its financial opportunities. Whether you use Coinhouse for cryptocurrency courses or our trading platform, you won’t miss out on what the blockchain can offer you!