We teach you the skills of
the future of finance

Coinhouse trains you to master and seize the opportunities cryptocurrencies
and blockchain can offer for your team and company.

Why should I care?

Blockchain is the foundation for a new internet

A neutral and open internet where money and payments are built in, where users own their data

Blockchain uses cases are expanding

Financial applications, decentralised markets, games and supply chain. Discover use cases for your industry.

Corporates are launching blockchain applications

JP Morgan, Facebook, Carrefour and many others have launched blockchain services and products.

What will I learn?

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain: how it works

Our goal is to make people understand, in a simple way, the stakes and the use cases of blockchains and cryptoassets

Workshops: interact and build blockchain applications

Through pedagogy and experimentation, we help you master the process and the tools to interact with smart contracts and blockchain.

Regulatory environment and industry vertical use cases.

Train your team about the environment and rules for successful experimentation and launch of your blockchain projects.

Who are our courses for?

We’ve taught over 1000 professionals from different backgrounds such as finance, insurance and retail

Executives and VPs


 Investment bankers

Executives and VPs

 Insurers and Lawyers 

 Innovation Managers 

Wealth Managers 

Custody managers

Blockchain and crypto trainings