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Blockchain training: everything you need to know about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies


Bitcoin, Ethereum, cryptocurrency ecosystem…
Coinhouse offers you different learning modules to answer all your questions.

The Coinhouse training offer :

3 distinct modules

Virtual currency, also known as crypto-currency, is constantly making news and gaining ground in the investment world. Nevertheless, it can also prove to be complex for anyone who is not properly versed in the subject. So before you get started with Bitcoin or any other crypto currency, it’s best to understand what it’s all about… That’s why Coinhouse also offers blockchain training.

Bitcoin &

3 modules available:

• Understanding the history and origins of Bitcoin.

• Understand how a blockchain works and its usefulness.

• Fun workshop to learn how to manipulate a wallet.



Ethereum &

3 modules available:

• Introduction to Ethereum and decentralized applications.

• Understanding decentralized finance.

• Fun workshop on decentralized finance.



Cryptocurrencies & Investments

3 modules available:

• Understand the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

• Understand the basics of investing.

• Fun workshop to learn how to invest smartly.



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Why take a cryptocurrency training course?

If you are here, it is most likely that you are interested in cryptocurrency and are tempted by the adventure. Indeed, a whole bunch of reasons can encourage you to invest in the virtual currency:

  • You want to earn more, and cryptocurrency seems like a good way to make ends meet.
  • You have money to invest and you want to diversify your investments.
  • You want to embark on a new financial adventure…

Or maybe you just want to learn new skills… Whatever your motivation, Coinhouse’s cryptocurrency training courses will give you a solid foundation to better understand the trading mechanisms of virtual currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple… If you want to create your own investment portfolio, our cryptocurrency training courses will also undoubtedly help you acquire a better strategy, so that you can grow your assets much more quickly. In other words, we offer you, in a way, a gateway to success, in the complex world of cryptocurrency trading.

Although the virtual currency market is not without risk, we find that far too many novice traders start investing without any real knowledge of the subject. In fact, they take risks that are sometimes unnecessary, excessive and ultimately costly. They initially hope for higher returns. However, they do not invest efficiently. Following a training in crypto-currencies allows to invest in a more rational way, in order to optimize at most the ratio risk taken/return on investment.

Need to learn more about cryptocurrencies?

Bitcoin, Ethereum, cryptocurrency ecosystem…
Coinhouse offers you different learning modules to answer all your questions.

What are the topics covered in cryptocurrency training courses?

The various training modules offered by Coinhouse are designed to address the subject of cryptocurrency in all its aspects. First, you will learn about Bitcoin. Indeed, it is the first crypto-currency that was created. Our trainings invite you to go back to the origins of this initial virtual currency, to then better understand the functioning of the blockchain as a whole.

Cryptocurrency training is also very useful to know the different virtual currencies and the specificities of each of them. This is an essential prerequisite before buying.

With the help of fun workshops, you will learn how to handle a wallet and invest more serenely. Coinhouse allows you to discover in a concrete way the basics of investing and the whole ecosystem of crypto-currencies. The different marketplaces, buying platforms, securing your crypto-currencies, the use of the main trading tools, the taxation related to this kind of investments or the introduction to decentralized applications are all elements addressed in our crypto-currency training courses.

The principle is very simple: at the end of your crypto-currency and blockchain training, you will be able to trade, sell and secure your assets.

Who is cryptocurrency training for?

To take the cryptocurrency training courses offered by Coinhouse, no prior investment knowledge is necessary. In other words, beginners are welcome! The only essentials: having a browser and an Internet connection that allows you to follow the prices and place buy and sell orders, and above all, having the desire to learn!

Cryptocurrency training courses are aimed at different profiles. Are concerned:

    • people wishing to start investing in crypto-currencies ;
    • investors who want to better master the buying, selling, trading, storing and securing of their crypto-currencies;
    • individuals who simply want to understand how crypto-currencies and the blockchain work.

Also note that, contrary to popular belief, crypto-currencies are not just for Millennials… In other words, there is no age limit for taking a blockchain course. In fact, it’s even a great way to brush up on your knowledge of investing in new technologies. Because cryptocurrencies are an excellent alternative to traditional investments, they are also a very good way to diversify your investments and grow your financial assets.

Why invest in cryptocurrencies with Coinhouse?

Coinhouse is a platform that does not only offer blockchain training. First and foremost, we specialize in cryptocurrency trading. Since 2014, we allow you to invest reliably in the virtual currency. Based in France, we offer you different investment strategies, to allow you to optimize your returns. With Coinhouse, schedule your investments in advance and set up recurring transfers to automate your transactions. This way, smooth out your purchases over time, so you can limit the volatility of your cryptocurrencies. Take the time to invest in a staggered manner to optimize your investments and immerse yourself in a safer and more sustainable strategy!

How to buy cryptocurrency?

Once you’ve taken one of our cryptocurrency courses, chances are you’ll want to invest in Bitcoin or other virtual currencies… Coinhouse makes it very easy to acquire cryptocurrency directly by credit card. To do so, you must first open a Coinhouse account. Rest assured, this operation only takes a few seconds, during which our platform guides you step by step. Once your identity has been verified (in order to protect you from any potential fraud), all you have to do is buy your first Bitcoins by credit card or bank transfer. Only a minimum amount of €50 is required.

Because Bitcoin has become a reference medium and a credible investment alternative, we provide you with all the necessary means to take advantage of the financial opportunities it offers. Whether through our cryptocurrency training courses or through our technology, don’t miss out on the profitability offered by the blockchain!

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