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Sell Ethereum easily and securely

The Coinhouse platform allows you to quickly sell Ethereum

Sell Ethereum easily and securely

The Coinhouse platform allows you to quickly sell Ethereum

How to sell Ethereum?

Create an account

Create your account in a few seconds on our platform. You are guided step by step.

Verify your identity

In order to protect yourself from potential fraud and hacking, you will need photo ID to register.

Sell Ethereum

Sell your ethers and receive your euros by bank transfer as fast as possible.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is an open-source decentralized platform that offers its users the opportunity to create smart-contracts. Smart contracts are applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third-party interference. One can exchange money, property, shares or any other value in a transparent way with a smart contract. The contract is a computer program listing the rules of an agreement between several parties, registered in a blockchain, which directly controls the digital assets.


Learn Ethereum basics

This is a platform with a protocol making possible the creation of smart-contracts. Ethereum is like a big public and secured computer, and everybody can code…


Ethereum: What are its purposes?

The Ethereum blockchain is made fully programmable through the use of several specific languages, such as Solidity. This enables the development of modern…


Ethereum: what is it?

If you’ve already entered the universe of crypto-assets, it is likely that you have heard of Ethereum, the second largest crypto-asset in terms of market capitalization…

Why sell with Coinhouse?

Reliable and European

Coinhouse aims to become the first regulated platform in Europe. Our sales team remains available and attentive to your needs in order to advise you on the best strategy adapted to your goals.

Simple and fast

Buy your first cryptocurrency in less than 10 minutes on Coinhouse. You are guided step by step through the registration process. Purchases and sales are completely transparent with invoices.


Keep your cryptocurrency safe with our professional storage solution available on our platform. You can also send your crypto-currency directly to your wallet free of charge. 

Several payment methods possible

Take advantage of the different payment methods offered: credit card or bank transfers. We offer you the possibility to trigger your investment at the time that seems most convenient for you.

Invest in the future, today