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The new Savings Accounts

Up to 6% annual return

Zero entry fee.
Zero management fee.
Zero exit fee.

The savings accounts attracting a lot of interest

Autonomous management

Manage your own wallets easily and transparently with your Coinhouse account. No technical skills are required.

Zero cost

Our pricing policy is totally transparent :

Zero entry fee.
Zero management fee.
Zero exit fee.

Savings accounts in detail

With the new Crypto Savings accounts, enjoy an annual return of up to 6% (rate updated daily) and invest your funds independently starting from a €1 investment.

Your funds are available at any time and you can withdraw them without having to pay any exit fees. Crypto Savings accounts are available in bitcoin, ether and the USDT stablecoin.

4.5% Annualised variable rate

2% Annualised variable rate

2% Annualised variable rate

Why open a Coinhouse Savings accounts ?

Nos conseillers Coinhouse

Optimise your investments

The Coinhouse Savings Accounts allow you to optimise your financial investments and enjoy higher returns than traditional financial products.

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Reduce your risks

The solution offered by Coinhouse allows investors to optimize their crypto investment in complete freedom. It is a strategy that is decorrelated from the market and allows for a result with very little exposure to the volatility of the crypto chosen for the product.

How to open your Saving Accounts?

To benefit from a Saving Accounts, nothing could be simpler.

ouvrir un compte coinhouse


Create or login to your Coinhouse account. Transfer or buy USDT, BTC or ETH! More cryptos to come.

ouvrir un compte coinhouse


Go to the “Saving Accounts” page. Select the crypto of your choice and the amount you would like. Click on ‘”invest”.

ouvrir un compte coinhouse


Earn up to 6%* annual return and dispose of your investments freely and without obligation.

How does Coinhouse set this rate?

We identify the right investment vehicles

Our team of financial experts works daily to decide between the most stable investment vehicles offering the best returns.

We distribute your funds across a number of vehicles

We diversify the investment vehicles in order to reduce your risk of capital loss. The investments are made on the selected vehicles.

We take trading decisions on a regular basis

We regularly optimise the allocation of your cryptos and update the available vehicles every quarter. We make sure that we position ourselves on those that offer the best returns.

Fixed Savings accounts: better performance, new conditions

A wallet that is available on the USDT, USDC and EUR stablecoin and a rate is guaranteed for 3 months.

What is the difference with other Savings accounts ?

Rate guaranteed for 3 months

Available from 15,000 USDT
(or equivalent)

Managed by our teams of financial experts

To open a Fixed Savings Account or trade with an account manager, nothing could be easier.