Bringing the future of finance to institutions

Coinhouse offers compliant and transparent solutions for institutional investors to trade and secure their digital assets


Experienced Traders

Our dedicated team will advise on best execution strategies for trades of all size.

Instant Execution

Our proprietary platform allows for/insures instant execution through various liquidity providers.


Ledger Vault

High-grade hardware security with multi-authorization 
to keep control of your keys.

Compliant & Reliable

Our transparent platform is secured through an integrated and qualified cusodian architecture.

Training & consulting

Our research and analysis team delivers cryptoasset and blockchain trainings for corporates, business & engineering schools.

Decentralized Finance

We are exploring new ways to add value for our clients with decentralized finance : lending, derivatives, stablecoins.

How we do purchases?

A team of highly experienced professionals

Sandrine Lebeau

Sandrine Lebeau

Head of Compliance

Stéphane Marrache

Stéphane Marrache

Head of Business Development

Manuel Valente

Manuel Valente

Head of Research


The state of crypto in 2019

In this 20-page report, the Coinhouse research team attempt to present the state of the 2019 crypto market in objective and measurable terms. From the Satoshi Nakamoto’s promise to the the creation of a decentralised economy, this ecosystem has never been more vibrant…


What is MakerDAO and Dai?

The entire crypto ecosystem has long been looking for an asset that replicates the value of fiat currencies, with a stable price of $1. This would greatly simplify accounting processes, ensure payment values without fear of market downturns, and help manage the outflow…

Bring the future of finance to your institutions