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Dash is a cryptocurrency initially based on a copy of Bitcoin. It allows confidential and instant transactions to be carried out, and is supported by a masternode governance system.

A hybrid system

Dash is based on a two-tier architecture. Miners secure the network through a mining process similar to Bitcoin and masternodes, with users capable of collecting more than 1000 DASHs, manage additional features for users.

Confidential and instant transactions

The masternode network makes it possible to carry out confidential transactions and to free up block time in order to make instant transactions on the network.


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What is Dash? 
DASH is a cryptocurrency processing fast and confidential transactions, supported by a governance system called masternodes.

How to choose your wallet?
The choice of a cryptocurrency wallet depends mainly on the use you will make of it. Some are more suitable to secure your funds as much as possible.

What is Blockchain?
A blockchain is a numerical account book – a registry – that uses cryptographic methods to structure data into blocks.

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