Chainlink Price


Chainlink is a decentralized oracle system on Ethereum

What problem is Chainlink solving?

While the execution of smart-contract is predictable and unavoidable, there are weaknesses for functions that require data external to the blockchain. The role of oracles is to bridge the gap between the “real” world and the blockchain world by injecting external data when applications need it. If an application relies on a single oracle to provide the data, then that oracle can easily inject erroneous data.

What is the role of the LINK token?

Chainlink sets up an economic incentive system that allows honest oracles to be paid and dishonest oracles to be economically penalized. The LINK token is used as a value unit in the Chainlink economic system.


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What is Chainlink? 
Chainlink is a decentralized oracle system. The project aims to address a problem related to smart-contracts in the Ethereum ecosystem…

How to choose your wallet?
The choice of a cryptocurrency wallet depends mainly on the use you will make of it. Some are more suitable to secure your funds as much as possible.

What is Blockchain?
A blockchain is a numerical account book – a registry – that uses cryptographic methods to structure data into blocks.

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