Cardano Price


Cardano is a public blockchain supported by developer Charles Hoskinson wishing to bring similar features to Ethereum such as decentralized applications and the ability to generate tokens.

A network in Proof Of Stake

Unlike Bitcoin, Cardano does not require computing power to validate network transactions, validator nodes support it for a more efficient blockchain and theoretically better able to process a large number of transactions.

A project still in its infancy

To date, only the Cardano Foundation and its sister entities administer the Cardano network, smart-contract or staking features are not available. Cardano is therefore a bet on the development and competitiveness of this project in the Blockchain ecosystem.


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18.518,80 156,59 B 28,55 B 18,39 M5,75%
2212,36 23,60 B 9,60 B 111,19 M4,48%
40,181548 8,02 B 1,40 B 44,11 B3,77%
30,894280 8,25 B 34,82 B 9,22 B0,12%
5222,93 4,11 B 3,24 B 18,42 M4,46%
741,26 2,68 B 2,44 B 64,87 M5,75%
100,070611 2,20 B 490,67 M 31,11 B2,77%
130,070343 1,42 B 544,72 M 20,26 B0,66%
112,57 1,83 B 110,89 M 712,67 M6,13%
123,94 1,50 B 384,91 M 380,51 M2,97%
2369,44 656,43 M 496,74 M 9,45 M4,20%