Dascoin: a pyramid-shaped blockchain

Lately, we’ve been approached at several occasions by people that were into DasCoin. Facing a growing demand and as we had never heard of it, Coinhouse decided to investigate. It didn’t take many clics to activate almost all of our red flags. Thus, we felt obliged to right up a warning article. Weak ranking At first…

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Mining cryptoassets can still be profitable, but not for you

While Bitcoin is still in a downtrend since its all-time-high of december 2017 (-68%), the hashrate, which is the indicator of the amount of computing power securing the network, kept increasing consistently to reach 50 EH/s today (that’s 50 billion billions hashes per second). A 212 points growth compared to the beginning of the year….

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Bitcoin studied through the monetarism prism

Foreword of the author Marc Zeller: This article is about cryptocurrencies through the focus of the Quantity Theory of Money and potential mid-term and long-term effects in this environment only. The purpose is not financial advice. Doing your own research about investment risks are strongly recommended. Reminder on the Quantity Theory of Money We will look at…

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