Bitcoin’s capitalization reaches 7% of that of gold

Yoann Choux – 12 Jan 2021

Major Ripple investor lays claims against them

Tetragon, the lead investor in Ripple’s Series C, files a lawsuit against the company.
The lawsuit follows recent actions taken by the SEC, a U.S. regulator, accusing Ripple of selling financial securities without going through the regulatory process.
Tetragon is seeking to recover its investment and wants to exercise its contractual rights to prevent Ripple from spending their Series C funds until they have repaid them.

First stablecoin on the Tezos blockchain

The first stablecoin appears on the Tezos blockchain.
Baptized Kolibri, with the symbol kUSD, it works on a principle similar to MakerDAO on the Ethereum blockchain.
Currently in the test phase, this is a significant step forward for this new development area.

Bad news for the EOS project

Dan Larimer, CTO of Block.One and founder of the EOS project, announces his departure from the project.
This news should weigh on confidence in the project, which is currently failing to establish itself on the market as a platform for smart contracts.
Dan Larimer had previously founded the BitShares and Steem projects.

Pension funds more and more interested in Bitcoin

Pension funds are getting into Bitcoin.
According to Grayscale, after investment funds, it is the turn of American pension funds to invest in the cryptos market.
It seems that 36% of financial institutions in the United States now have cryptoassets.

An application for the fight against COVID on the VeChain blockchain

The blockchain is used in the fight against COVID.
An application now allows to obtain digital certificates on the VeChain blockchain for each vaccinated person.
The application is already used by hospitals in Cyprus.

Derivatives based on cryptoassets banned in the UK

As of Wednesday, January 6, derivatives based on cryptoassets have been banned in the UK.
This ban applies to futures, options, and products with a crypto underlying.
Players in the UK crypto industry regret this decision, saying it will push customers interested in these products to offshore platforms.

HSBC blocks transfers in connection with cryptoassets trading platforms

Still in the UK, HSBC Bank now blocks transfers to and from trading platforms using cryptoassets.
The use of HSBC credit cards is also blocked.
The reason is again the fight against money laundering and dirty money.

Sushiswap: what can we expect for 2021?

Sushiswap announces its roadmap for the coming year. If some projects, such as BentoBox or the V2 of the Sushi protocol were already known, the team also announced new projects, such as an exchange Crosschain, an implementation on Polkadot, or clues for the potential name change of the protocol.

Installation of vending machines linked to digital yuan in China

In the pursuit of its tests for a digital yuan, China is launching the installation of vending machines.
These vending machines allow users to exchange yuan for digital currency and vice versa.
This initiative is taking place in Shenzhen, where digital yuan was distributed during a recent lottery.

Bridges to come between Avalanche and the Ethereum chain

The Avalanche network plans to deploy several bridges to the Ethereum chain in the coming months. These bridges are based on the ChainSafe system, and will be used to send Ethereum tokens or NFTs to the Avalanche chain.

Preliminary version of Optimism to come on the Ethereum mainnet

The Optimism layer 2 solution will launch a preliminary version of its system on Ethereum’s mainnet on January 15.
Optimism is one of Ethereum’s most promising Layer 2 projects, alongside Loopring and zkSync.
This first version will be tested by the Synthetix Network project, which will deploy all of its contracts on Optimism. The project leaders are expecting bugs on this first version and are thinking of releasing a final version by March.
It is the first to ensure almost complete compatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine and its smart-contracts.

Figures of the week

Bitcoin moves closer to total gold capitalization

The capitalization of Bitcoin reaches 7% of that of gold.

A Bitcoin statistic

379 billion dollars in Bitcoin traded on online platforms in December.

New record for Ethereum

Google searches for the word Ethereum are at an all-time high.

Bitcoin makes a place for itself next to traditional currencies

Bitcoin is now the fifth most valuable currency after the Dollar, Euro, Yuan and Yen. Bitcoin est désormais la cinquième monnaie en terme de valorisation, après le Dollar, l’Euro, le Yuan et le Yen.

A statistic on decentralized finance

The total value locked in DeFi protocols exceeds $20 billion.

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