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The Company is a digital asset service provider under French law registered with the AMF:

  • For the activity of buying or selling digital assets in legal tender under the number E2020-001
  • For the activity of preservation of digital assets on behalf of third parties under the number E2020-001

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    The Company may be subject to identity theft. Customers who are victims of fake platforms Coinhouse will not be able to demand the return of money invested on these platforms from the Company. It is your responsibility to carry out the necessary checks.



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Any information or data relating to digital assets is given for information purposes only, even if it has been based on serious and reputedly reliable sources. It does not constitute an offer by the Company or any of its affiliates to purchase any of the shares of the Company, an offer to purchase, sell or subscribe to digital assets or an offer to provide asset-based services and may not be considered as an inducement, advice or recommendation to trade in digital assets and may not be considered as an inducement, advice or recommendation to trade in digital assets and may not be considered as an inducement, advice or recommendation to trade in digital assets and numeric targets.
The Company disclaims all liability for any use that may be made of these data and the any consequences that might ensue, in particular from any decision taken on the basis of the information contained on the site.
There is a risk that clients may make inappropriate investment decisions due to a lack of information, incomplete or incorrect information. This risk may arise both from the fact that the client gives credit to unreliable sources of information, or misinterprets correct information or that communication errors exist.
It is strictly forbidden to publish, rebroadcast, retransmit or reproduce the information and financial data contained on the Site for the purpose of transmitting them to a third party. Any reproduction or more widely any unauthorized use of information and data published by the Company engages the responsibility of the user and may lead to legal proceedings based in particular on an action in counterfeiting.
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Use of the Site is governed by French law.


The digital assets held by the Company may be subject to piracy attempts. These are secured through Coinhouse Custody Services via a technology marketed by the Ledger company, which guarantees its technical reliability. The Company undertakes to implement works all means to secure the means of access, personal data and digital assets of his clients.
However, the Company shall not be held liable for the consequences of a Technical Failure, a case of force majeure, an attack on the Customer’s security of any kind whatsoever, a case of kidnapping or a ransom demand concerning the Customer or his relatives, a crypto-ransom, a hacker attack or malicious intent by hackers or logical attack or a generic or non-generic virus affecting the computer, e-mail system, telephone or means of communication. the Customer’s computer systems, except for any attack on the Customer’s own computer systems. the Corporation and over which the Corporation has control, an error, negligence or malicious act attributable to to the Customer, of the Customer’s non-compliance with the General Terms and Conditions of Sale.
Nor can the Company be held liable for breaches of confidentiality or limitations on the use of its services. techniques induced by the computer systems used by the Clients for their own conservation of their digital assets or used by the Corporation for the preservation of its digital assets and those of its Clients. It is notably the Client’s responsibility to ensure that he has the necessary computer resources and sufficiently secure to ensure the security of its digital assets and Portfolio, the security access to his Client Account and the technical means necessary for Transactions and Withdrawals such as his mobile phone or his 2FA. The Company declines all responsibility in the event of loss or damage to the mobile phone or 2FA, theft of Customers’ own digital assets regardless of the medium used to store and store these digital assets.

The Company cannot be held responsible for breaches of confidentiality or technical limitations. induced by the IT systems used by customers for their own asset custody digital assets or used by the Corporation for the preservation of its digital assets and those of its customers.
In particular, it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that it has the necessary and sufficiently secure IT resources to ensure the security of its digital assets and its portfolio, the security of access to its customer account and the technical means necessary for transactions and withdrawals, such as its mobile phone or 2FA. The Company declines all responsibility in the event of loss or theft of digital assets held by customers, regardless of the medium used to preserve and store these digital assets.



The risk indicator gives you an idea of the risk of capital losses linked to the prices of digital assets. This indicator is based on a scale from 1 to 7, from the lowest to the highest level. The lowest level does not mean that there is no risk.

This indicator measures the level of risk to which your capital is exposed.
Note that historical data, such as that used to calculate this synthetic indicator, may not be a reliable indication of the future risk profile of the numerical assets.


The digital assets offered by the Company may be purchased and held by any natural person or moral, French or foreign. However, investors must ensure in advance that investment in digital assets meets their financial situation and investment objectives.
The digital asset provider may refuse any investment that it considers to be inappropriate. with an investor’s professional situation and investment objectives or any other constraints regulatory.
In addition, it should be noted that in order to diversify investments, it is generally recommended that the following measures be taken recommended to individual investors that the portion of their assets invested in this type of investment of assets does not represent more than 30% of the total value of such assets.


Illiquidity risk is high in digital asset markets, particularly in times of economic stress. The inability to absorb transaction volumes can have a significant impact
on the price of digital assets. In this case we talk about lack of liquidity.


This is the risk that transactions on digital assets (ICO type) are not settled at the date of the transaction.
of planned delivery. The risk is equal to the difference between the value of the asset on the theoretical delivery date and its market value on the actual delivery date.


This risk takes into account, in particular :

  • Risk of errors or security breaches allowing hacking or theft of the transmitter’s data,
  • Risk of loss or theft of the Subscriber’s private key holder,
  • Risks related to the asset monitoring and backup system.

This list is not exhaustive and may change depending on the situation.


Fluctuations in rates of return may expose the holder of digital assets to the risk of loss of capital, the extent of which varies depending on the type of digital asset.


When purchasing digital assets, customers must take into account the high variability in the value of these assets and therefore the risk of partial or total capital loss.


The investor is warned that his capital is not guaranteed and may not be returned. The capital loss occurs when an asset is sold at a lower price than the price paid at the time of purchase. Digital assets do not benefit from any guarantee or capital protection. The capital initially invested is exposed to the vagaries of the market and may therefore not be returned in full in the event of an unfavorable change.


The risk to which any investor purchasing a numerical asset denominated in a currency other than the legal tender in your country of residence is exposed. A decrease or increase in exchange rates may result in a decrease or increase, as the case may be, in the value of the numerical asset when it is denominated in a foreign currency.


Coinhouse is a digital asset service provider registered by the AMF for the purchase/sale and custody of digital assets on behalf of third parties under the number: E2020-001 Thus, the Company is subject to regulatory risk. This risk is understood to be the imposition of an administrative financial penalty, or even the withdrawal of registration or approval, resulting in an The investor is then warned of this risk.


The legal status of some digital assets may not be determined in the jurisdiction in which the customer is located. This implies that the legality of owning or exchanging digital assets may be uncertain. Users of the various services provided by the Company are responsible for knowing and understanding how digital assets are governed by all applicable laws. The Company cannot be held responsible for the consequences of any re-characterization of digital assets or any measures taken by foreign legislation.


Depending on your tax regime, any capital gains and income related to the holding of digital assets may be subject to taxation. Each country has its own tax system. It is your responsibility to make your declarations in accordance with the rules in force according to your tax residence.


There is a risk of impairment of digital assets caused by an unfavorable change in the market price of these assets. Accordingly, customers investing in digital assets must consider the risk of partial or total loss of their investment due to fluctuations in the value of digital assets.


Fluctuations in rates of return may expose the holder of digital assets to the risk of loss of capital, the extent of which varies depending on the type of digital asset.


As digital asset markets are deregulated markets, the spread risk corresponds to the difference between the value of digital assets on the different platforms.