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Coinhouse provides its partners with the following solutions investments in digital assets enabling them to diversify their clients' portfolios

Coinhouse s'allie avec des professionnels de l'investissement
Optimisez facilement vos investissements

An easy-to-use interface, that makes it easy to manage your investments

Coinhouse est enregistré auprès de l'AMF

The first European player registered by the French regulation autority

Coinhouse est la solution la plus sécurisée du marché

The more secured storage solution on the market

Coinhouse accompagne ses clients

Bilingual customer service and teams based in France

Blockchain technologies have made possible the emergence of a new asset class

Historique de l'écosystème crypto

Their performance attracts the interest of investors seeking diversification

In 2020, digital assets have outperformed all traditional asset classes: these results attract individual and professional investors looking for financial performance.

Acteurs forts de l'écosystème

We put our expertise at your disposal

Acteur de confiance enregistré par l'AMF

Coinhouse, the leading player in investments in digital assets

As the first European player registered by the AMF, in compliance with ACPR recommendations, we are the trusted partner of French and European investors.

Benefit from a competitive advantage with high-performance and innovative products

Each of our products can be included in your portfolio of investment solutions in order to best meet your clients' expectations.

Services aux partenaires
Services aux partenaires

Let's work together for the success of your customers

We set up customer follow-up at your convenience: performance is integrated into your management reports, or sent directly to your customers. by Coinhouse.

We already work with recognised players in the sector

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