Our portfolios to invest in the smart way

You don't know which assets to invest in? Our experts team has created four portfolios to help you make your choice: discover the one that best suits your investor profile

Portefeuilles adaptes aux profils

4 portfolios available
according to your risk profile

Portefeuille défensif

Defensive allocation

For profiles who want to protect their capital from a market decrease

Portefeuille cryptos fondamentales

Fundamental allocation

A portfolio focused on historical assets: Bitcoin and Ethereum

Portefeuille equilibre

Balanced allocation

A selection of the most serious and promising projects on the market

Offensive allocation

To seek performance on high-risk, high-reward project
Reserved for Premium members

Performance comparison since April 2020

Defensive allocation Fundamental allocation Balanced allocation Offensive allocation Bitcoin
January 2021 27,8%* 39,1%* 71,6%* 106,8%* 14,8%
Since November 2020 91,5%* 173,3%* 216,0%* 305,0%* 131,1%
Since April 2020 204,6%* 517,3%* 573,4%* 1048,9%* 368,4%

*Source : Coinhouse product
Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Investment in digital assets involves total or partial capital risk.

How to use our portfolios?

1. Open an account on our platform

Access to our portfolios is reserved to our clients: if you already have an account, log in to it, otherwise open a new one

2. Fill in the personalisation questionnaire

In your personal space, go to your portfolio, click on "Discover your profile" and answer the questions

3. Find out the portfolio that suits your profile

Depending on your answers, our algorithm will suggest you to the allocation best suited to your investor profile

4. Invest easily in recommended assets

You can now purchase the assets of the recommended portfolio on the platform

Don't miss the opportunity to
add value to your assets