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Uniswap token launched with great success

22 September 2020

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avatar-auteur Manuel Valente

The crypto of the week: UNI

This week, the Uniswap platform’s UNI governance token was launched with great enthusiasm.
Better than that: if you have interacted with Uniswap via a personal Ethereum portfolio before September 1st, you are entitled to 400 UNIs that will be distributed to you for free, or about $1500.
The project has quickly climbed up the cryptoactives ranking, currently in 38th place, and we think its course will reflect the good health of the Uniswap platform.

A European regulation planned for 2024

A complete European regulation on cryptoactives is in preparation for 2024.
Among the expected rules:

  • A stricter regulation for banks offering cryptoactives, because of the risk of volatility;
  • The increase in electronic payments and the decrease in cash ;
  • An improvement in the fight against money laundering and terrorism.

U.S. banks will have access to stablecoin underlyings

U.S. banks will now be able to hold the underlying in stablecoin dollars.
The regulator is pushing this option to clarify the market and facilitate audits of the underlyings of these products.
Only stablecoins with a 1:1 ratio will be allowed.

The CIA launches into the blockchain

The CIA launches a research lab on new technologies.
Among the subjects of study are virtual reality, artificial intelligence, robotics, and of course, blockchains.
It is not specified exactly what the agency plans to do with these technologies.

American justice not convinced by Bitfinex and Tether

The American justice system is losing patience against Bitfinex and Tether.
The company’s explanations concerning the 850 million dollars that have been blocked from Bitfinex’s accounts and have been repaid with Tether’s underlying have not yet convinced the authorities.
The fact that these funds were easily recovered through the issuance of the LEO token does not change the case.

Figures of the week/h3>

Bakkt goes back up the slope

The Bakkt platform is rising in its trading volume on cryptos derivatives, with $173 million traded daily, compared to $383 million for its competitor CME.

News from Ethereum

Ethereum breaks its record for transactions in one day, at 1.4 million.

What about Bitcoin’s forks ?

In 2017, 40 Bitcoin forks were created. Today, they are down more than 98% from their peak.

What share of ethers in the DeFi ?

7% of the ethers in circulation are invested in DeFi, for a value of 3 billion dollars.

How many Bitcoins are lost per day?

One study estimates that 1,500 bitcoins per day are lost, and of the 18 million in circulation, only 14 million are actually recoverable.

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