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Towards a global regulation of Bitcoin?

19 January 2021

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Manuel Valente

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Christine Lagarde wants regulation of Bitcoin

Christine Lagarde is in favor of global regulation of Bitcoin.
This proposal is justified by the supposed money laundering problems that cryptoassets would pose.
Ms. Lagarde also says that a digital euro will become a reality within five years.

Launch of FEI, a decentralized stablecoin

The Fei protocol launches its decentralized stablecoin, the FEI.
Contrary to MakerDAO, there will be no underlying, nor will it be an algorithmic stablecoin.
The value of the stablecoin will be maintained at $1 through a bonding curve mechanism, similar to what Uniswap does, against more than 50 different assets.
Of course, there will be a governance token to manage the platform.

7500 bitcoins dating from 2013 lost?

A British man who in 2013 had thrown away a hard disk containing 7500 bitcoins is still trying to recover it.
He proposes to give a quarter of the value of the portfolio, or 70 million euros, to the municipality of Newport to help him recover it, which for the moment refuses.
This example is the best proof that one must always be careful to protect one’s portfolio.

Wave of resignations at Aragon

Aragon, the protocol offering decentralized governance solutions, has seen its team drastically reduced: 13 resignations have been announced within the team, including that of the CEO. These announcements followed Aragon’s acquisition of Dvote Labs.

News of the Digital Yuan in Shenzhen

The latest test of the digital yuan in Shenzhen saw nearly 140,000 transactions made with the digital currency.
During the first 10 days of the test, users who received digital yuan from the lottery were able to spend their balance on different online platforms, or by making withdrawals at some ATMs.
These transactions amounted to nearly 2.8 million dollars.

Beware of Trezor, a fake application on the Google Play Store

A fake Trezor application has appeared in the Google Play Store. This application has no link with Trezor, and just tries to steal the users’ seed. It has already been downloaded more than 1000 times.
More and more fake wallets are available on download platforms.

An update of Metamask poses a problem for some dApps

A new update of the Metamask extension may block the operation of some dApps.
Following this update, the extension no longer takes care of connecting to the Ethereum chain automatically.
The dApps whose teams have not yet updated their web interfaces will no longer be able to access their data on Ethereum.

Coming soon the functional version for the EIP-1559?

News from the EIP-1559 :
Following a new testnet and the correction of some bugs, the new system for transaction fees is approaching a functional version.
Many teams of miners remain against these changes, and discussions have been initiated between miners and developers to try to bring this EIP in the best possible way.

Figures of the week

Loopring leads the way in L2 solutions

Loopring is the L2 solution that generates the most volume at the moment.

Bitcoin whales are smiling

The 100 richest Bitcoin addresses accumulated 16% more value in 30 days, reaching $11 billion.

Hacks in the crypto ecosystem make a lot of money

According to AtlasVPN, hacking of cryptoassets platforms and portfolios would have earned $3.8 billion in 2020.

ETH reserves well underway

In less than 48 hours, 27% of ETH’s reserves were emptied by clients wanting to acquire the asset.

A small group holds the majority of the LINK tokens.

More than 80% of LINK tokens are held by 125 wallets.

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