Insights > News > There are no less than 2200 Bitcoin addresses with more than 1000 Bitcoin each!

There are no less than 2200 Bitcoin addresses with more than 1000 Bitcoin each!

27 October 2020

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Manuel Valente

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Launch of the Yield protocol

The Yield protocol has been published. It is a new DeFi platform that offers deposits and loans in DAI with fixed rates, as well as a pool system.
In order to benefit from these fixed rates, it is necessary to block the funds for a certain period, from a few months to at least one year.

Harvest Finance victim of hacking

On the night of October 26, a hacker managed to steal the equivalent of $33.8 million in stablecoin from the Harvest Finance protocol.
Using a series of complex transactions, the hacker was able to steal these funds but later voluntarily returned $2.5 million to Harvest Finance.
The hacker then exchanged the stablecoins for renBTCs and then released the funds on the Bitcoin blockchain. Harvest Finance shared a BTC address that it claims to be the hacker’s, and is offering a $100,000 reward to anyone who manages to contact the hacker.

Paul Tudor Jones again very optimistic about Bitcoin

Paul Tudor Jones reiterated his interest in Bitcoin.
This highly respected hedge fund manager explains in an interview with CNBC that the current circumstances make him all the more bullish on assets.
He sees Bitcoin as a hedge with a very promising potential in the face of very aggressive monetary policies from central banks.

Balancer exports itself on another Blockchain

Balancer is exported on the NEAR blockchain. The liquidity supply platform now offers its services on this new network, which has been available for only one week.
It is possible that the arrival of Balancer will greatly increase the interest in this new project.

New delay for the launch of Ethereum 2.0

The deployment of the deposit contract, the first step due to Phase 0 for Ethereum 2, has been postponed to November.
Therefore, instead of a deployment last week as planned, the smart contract will undergo an in-depth audit, to be deployed in 2 weeks. This audit is set up to ensure the security of the funds deposited by the stakers.

Figures of the week

New record on Bitcoin-based derivatives

The amount of positions in Bitcoin-based derivatives is at its maximum: 2.5 billion dollars.

The CME just behind OkEX

CME becomes the second largest derivatives exchange, behind OkEX, with $790 million in open positions.

Slight air of 2017 for Bitcoin

There is an increase in the number of active Bitcoin addresses, reaching a level similar to December 2017.

Harvest hacker chooses the Uniswap platform

Uniswap is the platform chosen by the hacker to exchange the stolen USDT and USDC, propelling the daily volume to $2 billion, up from $148 million the day before.

Quick stat on Bitcoin

Now, 2200 addresses have more than 1,000BTC.

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