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Stablecoin market exceeds $20 billion

6 October 2020

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Manuel Valente

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First citizen consultation on the Blockchain

Verneuil sur Seine organizes the first citizen consultation on the Blockchain.
The citizens of several communes are called upon to give their opinion on the detour of a departmental road.
The blockchain used is Tezos, and the project is managed by a startup called Avosvotes.

Thailand accelerates on the Blockchain

The Bank of Thailand launches the first government bond on the Blockchain.
The project represents 1.6MM$ and will be launched on a private IBM blockchain.
The idea is to greatly accelerate the process of issuing, distributing and acquiring these financial instruments.

KuCoin has found the hacker

Kucoin teams, which suffered a major hack on September 26, announce that they have found the hacker guilty.
Police authorities are also on the case.
KuCoin also claims to have succeeded in neutralizing 72% of the stolen funds by working with the various crypto projects whose tokens were involved.

Vitalik Buterin’s recommendations

Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, encourages users and developers of decentralized applications (known as dApps) to turn to layer 2 (L2) solutions today.
Thanks to L2, Ethereum is already able to process more than 2000 transactions per second and will be able to go up to 100000 tps with Ethereum 2.0.
Loopring and Zksync are currently considered as the best L2 options.

Migration of the new Aave token

Aave, the decentralized loan/borrowing platform, has launched the migration process of its new token.
Holders of the LEND token can now exchange them at a ratio of 100 to 1 for the new AAVE tokens.
AAVE can also be staked. Funds placed in AAVE’s security module would serve as collateral in the event of a default on the platform.
A reward of 400 AAVE per day is distributed among the current stakers.

Opportunity on MakerDAO?

The governance of MakerDAO restores interest rates on loans to 2% on ether, from 4 to 12% for other loans.
With nearly 900 million DAI outstanding, interest rates are currently generating indirect income of $27 million for MKR holders.
Its market capitalization remains low compared to other DeFi projects, such as Chainlink, Aave, or Yearn, and may represent an opportunity.

BitMex apprehended by U.S. regulator

The CFTC, a U.S. regulator, filed a charge against BitMex and arrested one of its founders.
BitMex is a major marketplace for crypto derivatives.
The platform is accused of violating the rules established by the institution and of operating an illegal and unregulated platform. Bitcoin lost 4% as a result of the announcement.

Salt ordered to propose reimbursement following their ICO in 2017

In the same vein, the SEC orders Salt’s teams to offer their ICO investors a refund.
Salt raised $47 million in 2017 without informing the SEC.
The regulator considers the token to be a financial security because the company talked about a return on investment to attract investors.
In order to continue to operate, Salt will have to register its token with the SEC.

Figures of the week

Metamask takes advantage of the effervescence around the DeFi

Thanks to DeFi fever, Metamask exceeds one million active users.

Stablecoins widely appreciated by users

The total market for circulating Stablecoins exceeded $20 billion, matching the total volume of cryptos in February 2017.

News from the Ethereum miners

For the first time since the creation of Ethereum, miners earned more money from commissions ($172M in September) than from money creation ($150M).

Uniswap continues to grow

For the month of September, Uniswap exceeded $15.3 billion in volume, surpassing the total trading volume of some centralized platforms.

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