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Lightning Network:  A Technical Introduction

    Lightning Network: A Technical Introduction

    18 July 2019

    temps de lecture 7 min

    avatar-auteurManuel Valente

    This article is dedicated to those who are particularly interested in understanding the operation of the lightning network on Bitcoin.For those who are looking for a « less technical » introduction to the Lightning Network, click on this link. We seek to understand...

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    Dascoin: a pyramid-shaped blockchain

      Dascoin: a pyramid-shaped blockchain

      12 October 2018

      temps de lecture 3 min

      avatar-auteurJulien Moretto

      Lately, we’ve been approached at several occasions by people that were into DasCoin. Facing a growing demand and as we had never heard of it, Coinhouse decided to investigate. It didn’t take many clics to activate almost all of our red flags. Thus, we felt...

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