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New advances for China’s state stablecoin

3 November 2020

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Manuel Valente

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Consensys announces fourth CBDC test partnership

Consensys signs its fourth partnership to create a CBDC test.
After Hong Kong, Thailand and Australia, it is France’s turn to sign with Consensys to develop a POC for its future state-owned cryptocurrencies.
The public blockchain Ethereum was chosen, representing the core competencies of Consensys, through a partnership with Société Générale/Forge.

Attack on TRON

The TRON blockchain was attacked by an attacker during a platform update.
No blocks or transactions were generated for three hours, but no tokens were lost.
Criticism of the centralized network was leveled at TRON, as only one super-representative was able to stop and restart the blockchain on his own.

A major bank in Singapore enters in cryptos

Singapore’s largest bank launches a cryptoactives exchange site.
Several assets will be offered, in particular Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, etc.
The Development Bank of Singapore is partly state-owned, and the assets will be held directly by the institution.

New advances for China’s state stablecoin

The stable state corner in China is developing.
2 billion Yuan have been traded, or $300 million, in more than 4 million transactions, and the number is constantly increasing.
The development continues in this area, and in particular seeks to resolve legal issues.

Frequent ransomware attacks

Ransomware attacks have increased by 50% in the last three months in the United States.
Hospitals are particularly targeted and more than 400 institutions could be vulnerable.
The Ryuk virus has stolen more than 60 million dollars since its launch in 2018.

A second cryptobank opens in Wyoming

After Kraken, a second cryptobank opens in Wyoming, Avanti.
The new organization plans to offer online banking, custodial services, and a stable corner, AVIT.
The latter seeks to establish itself as a tool for solving legal tax and accounting issues.

AAVE moves towards decentralization

One more step towards decentralization for the AAVE protocol.
A new version of the AAVE token made it possible, among other things, to give governance rights to their holders to vote on changes to the protocol.
In this dynamic, the administration keys will now also be transferred to governance, which means that the teams behind the project will no longer be able to take important decisions without going through the governance module.

AXN suffers a hack with great consequences

Only a few hours after the launch of the Axion channel, it was hacked, causing the price of its AXN token to drop by 99%.
Launched on November 2, it is after 4 hours that a hacker mined via a exploit more than 79 million AXN tokens, to resell them right after.

B Protocol inflates its governance votes

The B Protocol team was able to pass a governance vote on MakerDAO using a flash loan to inflate their votes.
Although this practice is neither forbidden nor illegal, MakerDAO warns users against such practices during governance votes, which represents a manipulation of the system.

Figures of the week

A stat on Bitcoin

We are in the period during which Bitcoin has stayed the longest above 10000$ (92 days).

Les élections américaines au cœur des paris

The PolyMarket platform exceeded a volume of 3M$ on the bet “Will Trump win the presidential election?”.

WBTC gathers positions

WBTC has become the 6th largest ERC20 token, with more than 115,000 BTCs tokenized on Ethereum. This represents 0.85% of the BTCs in circulation.

New record for Ethereum

In preparation for ETH2, there are more than 125,000 addresses with 32 ETH or more, a new record.

Investors have a strong interest in Bitcoin

According to a Grayscale survey, half of all U.S. professional investors are interested in Bitcoin.


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