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Insights > News > LVMH and Cartier authenticate their luxury products on the blockchain

LVMH and Cartier authenticate their luxury products on the blockchain

20 April 2021

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Julien Moretto

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Banks / Institutions

China now optimistic about Bitcoin, towards a new price surge?

China is changing its tune on Bitcoin. While the authorities had always been suspicious, even hostile towards the market, a governor of the Chinese central bank says that Bitcoin is an “alternative” investment. It is possible that such an announcement will free up funds from Chinese investors and allow prices to soar again.

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Société Générale starts its activities on the Tezos blockchain

Société Générale, via its subsidiary Forge, is issuing the first structured securities on the Tezos blockchain. According to the bank, the main difficulty does not result from technical issues, but rather from the legal regulation around the construction of such a product.

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The United Kingdom is interested in CBDC

Now it is the UK’s turn to take an interest in CBDC, launching a Task Force to explore the potential of CBDC for the UK financial system, but also to monitor the progress of other CBDC projects abroad.

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Rotschild Investment strengthens its investment in the BTC Grayscale fund

Rotschild Investment Group is buying an additional 8,000 shares of Grayscale’s BTC fund, bringing its total investment to 38,000 shares. In addition, the new investment also includes 265,000 shares of the ETH

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Cryptoactive ecosystem

A dark weekend for investors

The weekend of April 18 was bloody for investors with futures positions: $8.46 billion of positions were liquidated, including $7 billion during a single hour. More than half of these liquidations took place on the Binance platform, particularly because of the leverage offered to its clients. Lower liquidity over the weekend also contributed to the sharp decline.

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Incidents disrupted mining in China

Mining capacity in China has collapsed in the last few days. Several accidents in coal mines, which unfortunately resulted in fatalities, have caused power outages in the country. We have seen capacity drops of more than 30% over the past few days, which impacted prices over the weekend.

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A huge sale of an NFT organized by Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden held an auction for an NFT, the proceeds of which will go to fund the Freedom of Press agency. After 24, the DAO PleasrDao won the auction and the NFT for 2,224 ETH, or nearly $5 million.

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New partnership between Circle and a bank called Signature

Circle announces a new partnership with Signature Bank. This partnership will allow Circle and USDC services to be integrated into Signet, Signature’s payment platform.

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LVMH and Cartier authenticate their luxury products on the blockchain

LVMH, Prada and Cartier are becoming partners in AURA, a platform designed to create certificates of authenticity for luxury goods on the blockchain, and managed by Consensys and Microsoft. The certificates will help fight fraud and provide insight into the full life cycle of products.

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Another huge sale for an NFT

The NFT craze continues: a sale of NFTs at Sotheby’s brought in $16.8 million. The works by artist Pak depict cubes spinning on themselves, and even a single pixel work sold for $1.36 million.dollars.

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API3 concludes an agreement that will benefit DeFi

API3, the largest DAO in terms of treasury, has entered into an agreement to connect nearly 400 banking APIs to the DeFi world. This comes in the form of a 10-year partnership with Open Bank Project, the leader in banking APIs.

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New product from DeFi Saver: Recipe Creator

DeFi Saver announces a new product: Recipe Creator. Similar to the Furucombo application, Recipe Creator allows you to easily combine different actions within the DeFi protocols (deposits, loans, swaps, etc …) in a single transaction.

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A failure following the Berlin update of Ethereum

Following the Berlin update of the Ethereum network, all the nodes operating with the Open Ethereum program (formerly Parity), have become desynchronized. This failure was caused by a simple transaction, mismanaged by the Open Ethereum program following the last update. This impacted many tools and services of the Ethereum ecosystem, such as the Etherscan tool and Ledger wallets. The problem was quickly fixed, and did not cause any persistent problems for the network.

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Figures of the week

A new record for the volume of transactions on Bitcoin

Bitcoin transaction volume for the month of March exceeds all records: $366 billion.

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