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Launch of OpsChain Network Procurement

29 September 2020

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Manuel Valente

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Launch of OpsChain Network Procurement

EY launches the OpsChain Network Procurement project, which deploys solutions for companies on the public Ethereum blockchain.
The idea is to allow third party companies to create contracts on the blockchain.
The network also allows partner companies to tokenize their assets directly on the blockchain and exchange them.
According to EY, by 2030, more than half of the contracts between companies will be on the blockchain.

Kucoin suffers a hack

Singapore’s KuCoin marketplace has suffered a hack of more than $150 million.
Only a portion of the hot wallets were compromised.
Several reactions. The OCEAN project holders decided to redeploy their token by blacklisting the hacker’s address. Other projects have adopted similar blacklisting methods. The hacker’s known addresses are also blacklisted in most marketplaces.
KuCoin announces that it will fully refund the funds to the users.
The hacker, for the first time ever, used DEXs such as Uniswap to sell part of his assets against ETH, however these operations do not hide the trace of his transactions.

Eminence robbed of 15 million

The new Eminence project led by Andre Cronje (Yearn Finance) was robbed of 15 million dollars.
The EMN protocol, which aims to become the economy for multiverse gaming, has aroused the interest of the community, raising $15 million in cash. But this amount was then stolen in its entirety via a protocol exploit. Indeed, as the protocol was tested in production, it was neither secure nor audited.
The hacker, however, returned part of his loot (8 million) to Andre Cronje’s yearn developer account, who announced that he would return his 8 million to the community.

New start for Keep Network

New start for Keep Network.
After cutting operations quickly during the first release of tBTC and the discovery of a bug, the teams are now confident in their product.
tBTC is a tokenized version in the form of an ERC of BTC. Users can, via the system, block BTCs in a decentralized system to retrieve tBTCs at a 1:1 ratio.
The interest is to be able to use its BTCs in Ethereum dApps.
tBTC thus joins the ranks of renBTC.

Colombia embarks on cryptos

The Colombian government launches its crypto transactions project.
The government allows any company wishing to participate in the program to register before December 31, to be able to perform crypto transactions during the year 2021. This program will then allow the government to better define the regulations to be applied.

Launch of Mask Network

Mask Network, a browser plugin and a mobile application, will allow social network users to send and receive cryptos to and from each other.
In addition to allowing users to make transactions and sign messages, the application will also be able to interact with Uniswap or CoinMarketCap, allowing users to make trades or borrow funds.

Figures of the week

News from decentralized finance

The DeFi field sets a new record by surpassing $11 billion in value within the various contracts. At the beginning of September, this value did not exceed 10 billion.

Uniswap becomes the first DeFi platform

The Uniswap protocol exceeds $2 billion in assets within its various pools, making it the first application of DeFi with 18% of the assets within its contracts. This represents more value than 2 months ago in the DeFi field.

Grayscale increases its Bitcoin Holdings

Over the past week, Grayscale has increased its holdings by 17,000 bitcoins.

How much Bitcoin have been mined?

88% of all bitcoins in circulation have already been mined.

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