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Some Ethereum indicators exceed those of Bitcoin

9 September 2020

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Manuel Valente

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Some Ethereum indicators exceed those of Bitcoin

Ethereum takes the lead on Bitcoin on an increasing number of indicators :

  • In volume and number of transactions;
  • In commissions, in interest on Google ;
  • In number of nodes.
    In addition, Ethereum is now also the leader in terms of volumes transferred with 3.15 billion dollars per day.
    However, Bitcoin is still largely the leader in terms of market capitalization.

Brazilian Central Bank announces digital currency for 2022

The president of the Brazilian central bank affirms that his country will have a digital currency in 2022.
The stated goal is, of course, to create an instant payment system and modernize the country’s financial sector.
However, there is still a long way to go: the Real has to become international and convertible before it can be digitized.

Just Eat now accepts payments in cryptos

The Just Eat food delivery platform now accepts payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptoactives. This opens the possibility to pay in cryptocurrencies in more than 15000 restaurants in France.

Crash on SUSHI

Crash on the SUSHI of more than 75%.
Chief Nomi, the anonymous creator of Sushiswap, converted 1/4 of the SUSHI he controlled into ethers, the equivalent of 11 million dollars, and justifies this by saying that he did it for the good of the community. Doubts about his true identity remain, but there are leads that could lead to unmasking him.
Nevertheless, he has transferred the management of the project to the CEO of FTX, a cryptoactives derivatives site, who is taking the lead of the project temporarily and is setting up a multisig shared between different respected members of the community.
The launch of the new platform will take place today, September 9, 2020.

Fundraising for LNMarkets

The derivatives platform on the Lighning Network LNMarkets raises funds.
The site is connected to over 100 LN channels and has a cumulative volume of $10 million since March 2020.

The Bank of England advocates stablecoins and state cryptos

The governor of the Bank of England is a partisan of stablecoins and state cryptocurrencies.
In a speech in which he criticized Bitcoin, he called for the creation of an ecosystem of private stablecoins and CBDCs that could cooperate.
He stressed the need to regulate all these projects internationally.

DeFi very popular in China

The number of searches for DeFi in China on WeChat is at its highest, with more than 2 million searches per day.
Focus groups are being set up, as well as investor clubs with large amounts of money available for investment on the market.

Attack on Chainlink

Chailink suffered an attack on its network this week.
Some nodes operators were targeted, resulting in an estimated loss of 700 ETH.
Chainlink confirms the attack, but speaks of a spam attack, not having caused a security problem.

Two derivatives on cryptocurrencies listed on the Vienna stock exchange

The Vienna Stock Exchange lists two cryptocurrency derivatives, ABTC and AETH, from the company 21 Shares AG.
It is the second officially regulated market to list such products, after Germany.
21 Shares currently has over $100 million in cryptoactives under management.
Singapore has announced that a similar product will soon be launched on its stock exchange.

Figures of the week

Ethereum’s smart contracts break records

The number of calls to Ethereum smart contract features is at an all-time high, with more than 900,000 calls per day, three times more than in December 2017.

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