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ECB : Announce of results about digital currencies ?

15 September 2020

Temps de lecture 3 minutes

Manuel Valente

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ECB announces results on digital currencies coming soon

Christine Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank, discussed last Thursday the subject of digital money.
It’s been several months now since the ECB launched test projects of CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) and weighed up the advantages and disadvantages.
The results will be published “in the coming weeks” and a public consultation will follow.
Is the digital euro coming soon?

Reinforcement of regulations on the stablecoins ?

Five countries of the European Union wish to strengthen the regulation of stablecoins.
This would mean that the use of stablecoins would be banned in all 27 EU countries until the risks are clarified.
In addition, all stablecoins would have to be returned at a ratio of 1:1 by euros held in accounts of financial institutions authorized by the European Union.
However, the EU’s power of action on existing stablecoins remains unclear.

Yearn finance is unstoppable

La machine yearn finance ne s’arrête plus.
Après yInsure, produit permettant de s’assurer contre des failles de smart-contratcs, un nouveau protocole de prêt décentralisé va être mis à disposition.
Le système est similaire à MakerDAO, à la différence que n’importe quel token pourra être utilisé en collatéral par les utilisateurs et qu’un AMM (Automated Market Maker) est utilisé au sein du système pour calculer automatiquement le ratio d’utilisation des actifs gérés et les taux payés par les utilisateurs.
A la place du DAI, ce seront des StableCredit USD (possibilité EUR, autres..) qui seront générés.

Stopping YFI token generation

The creator of the yearn finance protocol wants to stop the generation of YFI tokens, and thus block the quantity at 30,000 YFI. Following a vote with the governance (the holders of the YFI token), it is positive at 99.97%.
Yearn Finance is also positioning itself as a decentralized VC, with 1% of the cash flow dedicated to the financing of new projects via the Gitcoin platform.

The SushiSwap saga continues

The anonymous developer Chef Nomi made his mea culpa for having sold $14M of SUSHIs on the market for 38 000 ETH.
He returned the entire amount to the Ethereum address of the project treasury.
The governance decided to use the funds to buy back the SUSHIs sold on the market.
Today, the SushiSwap contracts contain $817M in cash, compared to $868M on Uniswap.

A mistake that could have been costly

Following a trader’s error, which sent 1 million USDT to Swerve’s smart contract rather than to the liquidity pool, the Tether team was able to retrieve the transaction, and retrieved the funds from the user.

Reward promised for bringing down Monero

The IRS attacks Monero. The agency is offering up to $625,000 in rewards to those who succeed in breaking the Monero protocol, or any other currency with the same degree of anonymity.
Although this is primarily a hunt for cybercriminals, it will test Monero’s resistance.

Blockchain voting system in South Korea?

In South Korea, a proposal for a voting system based on blockchains has just been tabled. If this system is approved, it would be a world first.

Jackpot for a Uniswap user

One lucky Uniswap user turns $200 into $250,000 due to a bug in the Soft Yearn protocol code. By buying two SYFIs at the time of the rebase protocol code, the trade did not take into account the new token price due to the rebase, and the user was able to recover 740 ETH.
Users subsequently fled the protocol, but the project team already announces that they are working on a V2 SYFI.

Fault in the bZx protocol

Due to a duplication bug in the bZx protocol, a hacker was able to generate the equivalent of 8.1 million dollars in the form of various tokens (ETH, LINK, DAI, USDT, USDC).
This is the third hack of the protocol in less than a year, although it has undergone several security audits.

Figures of the week

Tether transfer 1 billion USDT

Tether again transfers 1 billion USDT from the TRON network to Ethereum. This is due to a growing volume of trades with the USDT token on the Ethereum network.

News from Bitcoin…

Bitcoin’s Hash Rate reaches a new ATH, and continues to rise.

Bitcoin tokenisation on Ethereum?

More than one billion dollars of Bitcoin is currently being tokenized on the Ethereum blockchain.

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