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Crypto News #09

28 July 2020

Temps de lecture 2 minutes

Manuel Valente

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The crypto of the week

This week we focus on Augur, the first predictive market platform to be created on the blockchain. Augur offers everyone the possibility to bet on events such as elections or the evolution of a particular cryptocurrency. The platform has been abandoned for a few months but on 28/07 it will release its new version, which should correct all the problems of the old one, and make the price of the REP asset go up again.

Big rise for Bitcoin and Ethereum

Bitcoin above $10,000, we hadn’t seen that for two months already.
Ethereum has passed the $300 mark, with high volumes.
What is remarkable is that Ethereum’s rise is much stronger (+122% against +36% in the last 6 months).
Decentralized finance probably has a lot to do with it.

VISA all the way to Ethereum

The VISA network launches into the Ethereum blockchain.
It seems that VISA is preparing to create dollar-based stablecoins and issue them on Ethereum.
Such a move would further validate Ethereum, and potentially drastically increase available liquidity.

Bakkt abandoned, Deribit acclaimed

No one has traded Bitcoin options on Bakkt in the last month.
The platform currently appears to be abandoned by investors.
On the other hand, Deribit continues to break record after record on products

U.S. banks authorized to hold their customers’ encryptions

U.S. regulators allow U.S. banks to hold cryptos for their customers.
The organization recognizes the need for these companies to ensure the security of their customers’ assets.
The focus is on security and the need to avoid money laundering and other problems.

Towards a tokenization of the dollar?

The U.S. Senate is considering tokenizing the dollar.
The subject came up in a panel on economic competition with China.
Maintaining the “supremacy of the dollar” could be ensured by transforming it into a digital currency.

An STO started by an NBA player

An NBA player launched an STO with his NBA contract as collateral.
The return was disappointing: 1.3 million instead of the 13 million expected.
This can be explained in part by the player’s poor results and the fact that he was contaminated by COVID 19.

Launch of a blockchain in China

AntGroup, the Chinese company that owns AliBaba, among other things, launches its blockchain.
AntChain is already used by the group on a daily basis, with more than 50 applications.
The group claims that its blockchain will support 1 billion “user accounts” and 1 billion transactions per day.

Italian banks use Corda

85% of Italian banks use the Corda private blockchain.
Reconciliation of bank transactions used to take between 30 and 50 days.
Today, everything is done in one day.
The blockchain has been used to avoid keeping data separately in each bank.

This week’s figures

A stat on MakerDAO

MakerDAO is the first DeFi project to exceed one billion funds under management.

Increased income for Ethereum miners

The income of the Ethereum miners increased by 60% in one month, thanks to a huge volume and high commissions.

Liquidated Bear Positions in Bitcoin

70 million of Bitcoin’s bearish positions were liquidated as the price surpassed $11,000.

DEX breaks all records!

Volumes traded on DEX exceed all records with $600 million traded per day.

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