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Crypto News #02

9 June 2020

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Manuel Valente

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Good point for scalability on Ethereum.

The OmiseGo secondary network, which can process many more transactions per second than the parent blockchain while being attached to it, was launched at the end of May after three years of development.
One of the first interested parties is Bitfinex for the stablecoin Tether.
Let’s recall that the number of USDT transactions on the Ethereum network is higher than the number of transactions coming from the 10 largest Ethereum applications.
The scaling of the Ethereum network will be done brick by brick, a nice one has just been laid.

DiversiFi launches its new market place

In the same vein, DiversiFi has launched its new decentralized marketplace which, thanks to technologies developed in collaboration with StarkWare, can process more than 9,000 transactions per second.
The user experience is also very similar to that of traditional centralized marketplaces.
The marketplace relies on zkSTARKs technologies to bring scalability and a high degree of confidentiality to the platform. is accessible via the Metamask and Ledger portfolios.

The regulated platform Greyscale allows the purchase of regulated financial securities

Institutional investors are willing to pay a loan premium of USD 1,500 to gain exposure to ETH.
The regulated Greyscale platform allows them to buy a regulated financial security, the ETHE ticker, which currently trades at over $170. With an ETHE ticker representing 0.09402547 ETH, the total value of an ETH in this form is more than 1800 dollars.
Proof once again of the interest of institutional investors in ETH, but of their mistrust of the asset itself.

Mike McGlone estimates that Bitcoin may reach $20,000 this year…

Greyscale’s AUM (Asset Under Management) did not escape the eye of Mike McGlone, starter at Bloomberg.
He participated in writing a very “bullish” report ( on Bitcoin and crypto currencies.
According to him, all indicators, both fundamental and technical, are green to test again Bitcoin’s highest point, the $20,000, this year.

The derivatives market is growing rapidly

Another indicator of the institutionalisation of the crypto currency sector is the volume of the derivatives market such as options and futures compared to that of the spot market.
Derivatives now account for five times more volume than the spot market, compared with twice as much just a year ago. This ratio is also found in the conventional markets.

An Ethereum – fashion market crossover?

The fashion market is targeted by some Ethereum developers. Notably through new sales models of limited tokenized editions.
We have already seen this with initiatives such as Unisocks and Saint Fame. The current challenge is to find the right mathematical formula to value these objects.
Developers expect to attract new users outside the crypto ecosystem.
This is how crypto will gradually infiltrate our daily lives.

Securitize gets involved in cryptocurrencies

Securitize is one of the companies that also seeks to bring value to the traditional world by using crypto technologies.
Last Friday, it paid the royalties of the holders of the security token via its smart-based architecture.
Its CEO Carlos Domingo explains that smart-contract-based dividend and royalty payment systems are the future of the industry.
These systems are, according to him, much more efficient and less costly than traditional distribution systems.

MakerDAO community expands traditional Token assets on Ethereum

The MakerDAO community has spoken.
In a vote by MKR holders, it supported adding “off-chain” collateral to its decentralized credit system.
As a reminder, the MakerDAO system allows Ethereum users to generate stablecoin DAI by collateralising Ethereum assets pre-approved by the Maker community through MKR holders.
Until now, only ether and some ERC20, thus “on-chain” assets, were accepted.
This vote shows that the community wants to expand to traditional Tokenized assets on Ethereum.
The Centrifuge start-up is notably working on the tokenization of assets and their integration to MakerDAO.

Many of the Bitcoins held by the hodlers

60% of bitcoins in circulation have not moved for a year. The HODLers still have some nice leftovers.

Ethereum Miners Now Earn More Than Bitcoin Miners

New data shows that Ethereum miners would earn nearly $200,000 more than Bitcoin miners.
This increase in fees earned by Ethereum miners can be correlated with the growing on-chain activity.

Ponzi pyramids on some smart-contracts on the Ethereum blockchain

Unfortunately, out of the first four smart contracts with the most volume on the Ethereum blockchain, three of them seem to be Ponzi schemes.

120,000 Ethereum wallets ready for staking

120000 Ethereum portfolios holding 32 ETH or more are ready for staking.
This number has increased by 13% since last year, and prepares the arrival of ETH2.0.

Navigator Brave questioned

Navigator Brave takes lead in the wing. It would have rewritten the URLs its users are looking for to insert its own affiliate links.
A new version of the browser has already been launched without this dubious feature, for a browser that is supposed to protect the privacy of its users.

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