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Coinhouse vs classic crypto exchanges: What is the difference?

4 July 2019

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Julien Moretto

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In the cryptocurrency world, clients have a lot of options when it comes to buying and selling digital assets, but the services offered can be very different. Between traditional marketplaces and facilitators, Coinhouse meets the needs for simplicity, security and education often required by retail investors, but is also more viable than traditional exchanges for larger amounts asked by qualified investors.

What differences between Coinhouse and traditional cryptocurrency exchanges?

At first glance, our customers often look for the type of service that best suits their needs and what makes us different from other services existing on the market. The role traditional marketplaces and Coinhouse is actually very different.

Our Coinhouse platform focuses on simplicity and ease of use for customers who want to complete their transactions quickly. Everything is done to ensure that even beginners understand these new kind of assets. On the contrary, so-called ”crypto exchanges” are recommended for experienced, english-speaking users who already have a good understanding and master best practices of investments and speculation.

The current market approach is that exchanges are intended for corporate or professional clients for reasons of regulation and flow control and that companies such as Coinhouse provide the link between cryptocurrencies and individuals as well as non-professional trading companies.

Coinhouse focuses on simplicity and ease of use for customers who want to complete their operations quickly

With exchanges, the user must place his buy and sell orders by himself, be able to read an order book and be careful to position himself correctly. Technical analysis skills are useful as well as understanding market movements and placing sophisticated orders to protect positions.

A customer service 100% at your side

Classic exchanges want to make as much volume as possible by connecting buyers and sellers. Their economic model is based on quantity and not quality. Although less expensive to use at first sight, they present a risk for the inexperienced user.

In addition, their customer service is less developed and can only be joined by email or by chat service. You can’t call them, unlike Coinhouse, which has a multilingual-speaking customer service that can be reached by phone.

Coinhouse has a multi-lingual customer service that can be reached by phone

Each of these exchanges has its own ecosystem and the prices of each asset vary constantly depending on the market place on which it is located. This is why you can see a different Bitcoin price at the same moment depending on the marketplace you are looking at. Coinhouse has the possibility to connect to many marketplaces to offer its customers the best price on the market at any time.

All about user experience and personalised support

At Coinhouse, our role is to make the user experience as simple as possible and to ensure maximum security for our clients’ funds. Our dedicated consultants are also there to help you understand the fundamentals of digital assets and share our reports and articles, as well as being available to answer any questions you may have.

Make the user experience as simple as possible and ensure maximum security for our clients’ funds

Our customers can enjoy our many years of experience in cryptocurrencies by subscribing to our Premium service. They then benefit from a personalised support service that gives them, among other things, the opportunity to contact an expert and establish an investment strategy with him/her.

A company made for European clients

Coinhouse is a European company. This makes it possible to answer financial or legal taxation questions with precision.

But above all, we are a company focused on Europe and are able to meet the needs of all our customers located on the continent, in particular through our Premium service and the many advantages it provides.

We also have a large address book allowing us to refer customers to the best service providers in the European cryptomarket if we were unable to meet any of the needs.

Payments, fees and cryptocurrencies storage

In its five years of existence, Coinhouse has never been hacked, whereas traditional marketplaces are recurring targets for hackers.

Our teams are always available to guide clients in the creation of a personal cryptoassets portfolio and provide best practices to secure and properly use the specific tools of this new range of assets. If, despite these advantages, the customer prefers to store his cryptoassets in the Coinhouse internal portfolio, we now offer this solution.

Our support team guides clients in the creation of a cryptoassets portfolio and teach them how to secure

The advantage of classic exchanges is therefore lower overall transaction fees. But Coinhouse offers many other advantages, including its services, support, security, and simplicity.

Moreover, among the few marketplaces that allow transactions in fiat currencies, most only accept bank transfers as a of payment method. On all the others, no mean of payment is accepted because they only allow to exchange one cryptocurrency for another.

Coinhouse allows you to buy cryptocurrencies by credit card in addition to the bank transfer, always in the same simple and fast way that we want to make ours.

Among the players that allow cryptoassets to be purchased with fiat currencies, Coinhouse occupies a special place and represents, according to the needs and knowledge of each individual, a very interesting choice for customers. Its role as facilitator allows many people to discover this new ecosystem in good conditions. What solution you go for depends on the nature and magnitude of what you want to do.

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