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Bruno LeMaire expresses himself favourably on the blockchain in France

20 October 2020

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Manuel Valente

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OkEX stops withdrawals of cryptoactives

The Asian site OkEX has completely stopped withdrawing cryptoactives.
The founder of the website would have been arrested by the Chinese authorities within the framework of an investigation whose contents were not detailed.
He holds the private keys to the site’s portfolios, preventing any removal.
200,000 bitcoins are currently reportedly held on the platform.

New law in Spain

Spain passes a law that obliges holders of cryptocurrencies to report themselves.
Investors will have to declare the amounts they own as well as their profits.
The stated goal is of course to reduce tax evasion.

Bruno LeMaire on the blockchain in France

Bruno LeMaire talks in detail about the development of the blockchain in France
The Minister welcomes the PACTE law, which regulates the market for cryptoactives in France.
He lists 200 companies in the blockchain ecosystem in France, on which the state wants to invest 4.5 billion euros and believes that the blockchain will develop throughout the industry.
He also believes that it is too early for a crypto-euro, and does not want to review the taxation on cryptoactives for the moment.

An investment fund buys massively Bitcoin

Stone Ridge Investment Fund purchases $115 million worth of Bitcoin.
After Square and Microstrategy, it is the third listed American company to launch in one month.
According to one of the firm’s executives, Bitcoin is now the main component of the company’s reserves strategy.

Breitling now uses the Ethereum blockchain.

Breitling launches certificates on the Ethereum blockchain to identify its watches.
The company uses the solution of the French company Arianee.
Each watch has a digital passport on the blockchain, with its characteristics and serial number, which can be transferred during a sale.

New language for Ethereum smart contracts

Fe (pronounced as “fee”) is a new language to write smart contracts for Ethereum.
Based on Vyper, it has become a language in its own right.
The language is both efficient and simple to understand, using a syntax close to Python.

Filecoin makes its debut

After a long wait, Filecoin makes its debut on the mainnet.
Filecoin is a promising decentralized data storage project.
They raised $200M in 2017 and it was after a long wait that ICO investors were able to get their FIL tokens back.
FIL now trades at $31, for a fully diluted market valuation of $63 billion.

News from Ethereum 2

Ethereum 2 is coming! This week, the contract for the deposit of the staking funds will be deployed. Phase 0 should start soon.
The Beacon chain Genesis should take place within 6 to 8 weeks, starting the transition to PoS for Ethereum.

Figures of the week

How many BTCs are locked in Ethereum contracts?

It is more than 1.5 billion dollars of BTC that are locked within different Ethereum contracts.

What evolution for centralized exchanges?

Since March 2020, the number of bitcoins stored on centralized exchanges has decreased from 2.95 million to 2.7 million.

New symbolic level for Ethereum

The total value of assets in the Ethereum ecosystem reaches $100 billion.

News from Grayscale

Grayscale now owns 2% of the Ethers in circulation.

Une stat Ethereum

60% of the ethers have not moved for one year.

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