Insights > News > Bitcoin’s capitalization reaches 288 billion and exceeds that of Netflix or Shopify

Bitcoin’s capitalization reaches 288 billion and exceeds that of Netflix or Shopify

10 November 2020

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Manuel Valente

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A trading firm has a large crypto wallet

Jump Trading, a DASDAQ-listed trading firm, has a $75 million crypto wallet.
The firm specializes in Ethereum-based tokens, including holdings in COMP, NMR and KEEP.
This news confirms the interest of trading firms in cryptoactives.

Iran will actively use Bitcoin

Iran is preparing to use Bitcoin for its international trade.
Miners should soon be forced to sell their production to the state, which will then be able to use it to import products and escape U.S. sanctions.
It is not certain that the miners will accept this proposal.

Launch of the Ethereum 2.0 ethers deposit contract

The ether deposit contract for Ethereum 2.0 has been launched.
ETH holders have the possibility to allocate their ETH in tranches of 32 ethers to participate in the Eth2 staking system.
For Phase 0 of Ethereum 2.0 to be launched, the contract must accumulate 524288 ETH before November 24th.
Currently, more than 50,000 ethers have been deposited in the contract.
Vitalik Buterin himself has contributed 3200 ETH.

Largest Bitcoin seizure in the United States

The U.S. Department of Justice has seized more than $1 billion worth of Bitcoin.
The Bitcoin is believed to have come from a Bitcoin hack in the past on the dark web marketplace Silk Road.
This is the largest Bitcoin seizure in the department’s history.

Beware of unrecognized DeFi projects !

Be very careful if you venture into investments on projects not recognized by the DeFi.
Two new projects, KORE and KPER, forks of the CORE and KPR projects, left with the fund. Several millions of dollars flew away for investors who went through decentralized market places like Uniswap to acquire these tokens, at their own risk.

New type of mining launched by UMA

The Universal Market Access (UMA) project launches a new type of mining.
Called Developer Mining, this new system allocates 50,000 UMAs per week to developers who create new products based on the UMA protocol.
UMA allows the creation of synthetic assets.
The more popular the product is, the greater the share of UMA received by the product developer.

Blockchain-based voting system for a “Smart City”.

In Japan, the “smart city” Tsubaka City is equipped with a new voting system based on the blockchain.
Developed by the Layer X firm, this system should bring more security and tracking in the votes, and also allow users to track their vote and the results.

V2 announced by 1inch

The DEX 1inch aggregator has announced their v2.
This new version, in addition to some interface changes, includes Pathfinder API. This will enable more efficient route and swap calculation, looking for a better distribution across the many DEXs on its list, while reducing the time required, as well as transaction costs.
In addition, Pathfinder will also allow users to access and move their collateral tokens on the Aave and Compound platforms, reducing the number of actions required by the user and the amount of gas used.
This v2 has already undergone numerous audits, and continues to be audited at this time.

GRIN is under attack

Since November 7th, the GRIN network has been under a 51% attack.
An unknown actor owns 58% of the network hashrate. The exact purpose of the attack and its repercussions are currently unknown.
The GRIN network is one of the first to implement the MimbleWimble protocol, making it an anonymous network, in which there are no addresses or amounts. The protocol team warned users to wait several blocks for confirmation of their transactions.

Figures of the week

A stat on Bitcoin

Bitcoin is now worth more than Netflix or Shopify (288 billion).

Nouveau record pour Ethereum

Greyscale’s Ethereum Trust sets a new record by exceeding $1 billion under management.

Baisse de la difficulté de minage Bitcoin

The most significant decrease since October 2011 in the percentage mining difficulty occurred on Bitcoin. -16.05% during the last readjustment of the difficulty.

Forte activité pour Bitcoin

Activity on Bitcoin is at its highest since July 2019 in terms of on-chain trading volumes. During the month of October, $92 billion was transacted over the network.

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