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10% of Americans could buy bitcoins with their stimulus check

23 March 2021

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Morgan Stanley announces the launch of a Bitcoin-based fund

Morgan Stanley has announced to its 16,000 advisors in the Wealth Management unit that they will begin offering access to a Bitcoin-based fund to their clients.
These advisors manage over $4 trillion belonging to their clients.
According to sources, the funds would be operated by NYDIG or Galaxy Digital.

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Fine to pay for Coinbase

The giant Coinbase will have to pay a fine of 6.5 million dollars following irregularities in the operation of its professional platform. The CFTC regulator found that internal Coinbase software was used to inflate volumes and prices on its platform.
Several other investigations are currently underway against the platform, involving Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash.

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Visa optimistic about payments through cryptoassets

According to the CEO of Visa, it will soon be possible to automatically spend cryptoassets at any merchant that accepts the credit card. The assets will be automatically converted into euros or dollars, and sent to the merchant’s bank account. Visa also plans to allow its customers to purchase cryptos automatically with its card.

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Latin America’s first Bitcoin ETF approved

In Brazil, the first Bitcoin ETF in Latin America has been approved.
The product was issued by QR Asset Management and will be available on the main Brazilian exchange, B3. This ETF is the fourth ETF in the Americas, following the approval of three Bitcoin ETFs in Canada this year.

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Grayscale continues to launch digital asset funds

Grayscale continues to create new financial investment funds linked to digital assets. Funds have been created for Basic Attention Token (BAT), Chainlink (LINK), Decentraland (MANA), Filecoin (FIL), and Livepeer (LPT).

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News about mining

Movement on crypto mining operations around the world.
The state of Kentucky is passing laws aimed at attracting crypto mining companies within its borders.
Japanese mining giant SBI opens its Bitcoin mining pool to the general public.
36,000 Bitcoin miners have been purchased by two firms, The9 Limited and Blockcap, for no less than $150M.
The Chinese state-owned company New Universal buys Filecoin mining machines for $90M, a peer-to-peer data storage network.

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Mining pools use new software

Following the acceptance of EIP 1559, which is expected to reduce the earnings of Ethereum miners, several mining pools have started using a front-running software called Maximal Extractable Value. This process amounts to inserting transactions that will be executed before others, allowing them to earn money on transactions they know about in advance.

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Release of the 3rd version of the 1inch protocol

1inch, the liquidity aggregator, has released the 3rd version of its protocol. This new version, deployed on both Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain, allows tokens to be exchanged more efficiently, via a reduction in transaction fees.

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New fundraising for OpenSea

OpenSea, one of the first marketplaces for NFTs on Ethereum, and currently very popular at the heart of the NFT frenzy, has made a new fundraising. It is $23 million that has been raised by the platform.

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Brave to offer a wallet for Binance Smart Chain

The Brave browser, which already has an integrated wallet for managing assets on the Ethereum network, will also offer a wallet for the Binance Smart Chain.
The BAT token will also be available on the Binance Smart Chain, in the form of wBAT. The wBAT is a wrapped version of the BAT token currently present on Ethereum.

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Aave launches a new market: AMM Market

The Aave protocol offers a new market, called AMM Market. It is based on the liquidity pools of Uniswap V2 and Balancer. Users who have deposited liquidity on these two platforms will now be able to use it as collateral for borrowing on Aave.

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Figures of the week

A statistic on DeFi

It is more than $10 billion that are deposited in the different DEX of the DeFi.

A symbolic threshold crossed

The amount of USDC stablecoins on the market exceeds $10 billion.

Will Americans jump on Bitcoin?

According to a survey, between 7 and 10 percent of Americans plan to buy bitcoin with their stimulus check.

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