Hello "EUR-L"

Buy and sell your digital assets instantly.

The first digital asset backed by the Euro to do fast and reliable transactions on the cryptocurrency market.

1 EUR-L = 1 euro.

EUR-L is a digital asset indexed on Euro:
the EUR-L value is stable and equal to one euro.


In order to guarantee this parity, we hold in reserve as many euros as there are EUR-Ls in circulation. This reserve is stored in an account owned by Société Générale and audited every month.


Each time a customer acquires some EUR-Ls, an identical amount - in euros - is added to the bank account. The EUR-Ls are issued via the Tezos blockchain (XTZ).

All the EUR-L advantages.

Why use it?

Instantly sell your cryptocurrencies for EUR-L to protect yourself from market drops

Euro versus Dollar.

You benefit from an asset replicating the value of the Euro, unlike other platforms that offer dollar-backed stablecoins.

You stay in crypto.

You keep your EUR-L on Coinhouse and can buy back your cryptocurrencies at any time.

How to use EUR-L?

How to buy cryptocurrencies using the EUR-L on your Coinhouse account?

Acheter facilement des cryptos

Click on the 'Buy' button on your dashboard or in the 'Market' tab.

Simply log in to your personal account and make a transaction as if you were buying with euros.
Utilisation de l'EUR-l pour ses transactions

In the window that opens, click on the ''Use EUR-L'' button and follow the purchase process.

You will be able to buy the cryptocurrency of your choice instantly with your EUR-L balance in your account.
Vendre facilement ses cryptos

To instantly sell a cryptocurrency for EUR-L, the process is the same by clicking on the ''Sell'' button.

A commission of 1.49% is charged for transactions with the EUR-L.