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Get a 5% return on your cryptos-assets.

With the Crypto Savings Account, optimize your crypto savings with the best fixed interest rate for your USDT, USDC and Euro stablecoins.

A fixed interest rate of 5% over 13 weeks.

"With the Crypto Savings Plan, entrust your capital to the Coinhouse experts to make your savings grow."

We manage your crypto savings.

A Coinhouse account manager will accompany you to explain how the product works, answer any questions you may have, and carry out the operations required to subscribe to it.

No entry fee.

The Coinhouse Crypto Savings Plan will be available for subscription starting at 20,000 USDT, USDC or Euro Stablecoin.

Our service includes 0 entry fees, 0 exit fees, 0 management fees.

Why open a Coinhouse
Crypto Savings Account?

Why a savings plan
for your cryptos?

Coinhouse's Crypto Savings Account allows you to optimise your crypto savings with a fixed rate on your stablecoins: you benefit from higher returns than traditional products, while limiting the risks of crypto market volatility.

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Why use a stablecoin?

USDT,USDC and Euro stablecoin are stablecoins whose value always remains close to the dollar (or euro) . It is therefore characterised by low volatility compared to other crypto-assets. By offering a return on this stablecoin, Coinhouse offers the opportunity to reduce the risks associated with sudden price fluctuations.

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Which option should I choose?

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Option 1 :

The choice of performance.

This option allows you to benefit from a higher return. It concentrates investments on centralized platforms.

The investment is concentrated on a limited number of centralized platforms, with a maximum exposure of 40% on each.

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Option 2 :

The choice of diversification.

This option makes the choice of diversification. Benefit from all the supports selected by Coinhouse in the universe of centralized finance (CeFi), exchange platforms, decentralized finance (DeFi), and staking.

The maximum exposure per medium is 30%.

How does Coinhouse guarantee this rate?

1. We identify the right investment vehicles.

The Coinhouse experts have selected 16 different funds, both decentralised and centralised, to optimise returns. The rate allows the funds to grow with peace of mind: Coinhouse takes care of everything, no intervention is required.

2. We allocate your funds over a number of supports.

Coinhouse provides diversification of investment vehicles to best position your funds in line with market trends.

Investments are made in the selected funds.

3. We make arbitrations every month.

Coinhouse optimises your crypto allocations every month and updates the available supports every quarter. We make sure to position ourselves on those with the best returns.

How to open your Crypto Savings Account?

Do you have crypto-assets and want to earn a 5% return?



Make an appointment with an account manager.

Talk to our account managers about your plans so that they can guide you in your investment.


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Sign the mandate and send funds.

The signature of a management mandate allows us to manage your funds on your behalf in order to generate performance.


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Withdraw your funds or continue after after 13 weeks.

Our rate is fixed for a period of 13 weeks. At the end of this period, you can withdraw your funds or benefit from the new applicable interest rate.

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Entrust us with your cryptos, we will make them grow...