ADA price:

what is the current price of ADA and why track it?

What is the price of ADA?

ADA is the cryptocurrency used on the Cardano blockchain and its price determines the value of the blockchain. Cardano began being developed in 2015 by an Ethereum co-founder. Two years later it was launched with its native cryptocurrency named after Ada Lovelace, one of the greatest pioneers in computer science. The terms “ADA price”, “price of ADA” or “Cardano price” are often used when talking about the crypto.

The price of ADA is the exchange rate at which one can buy or sell Cardano (ADA). To find out its current price, you can look at the top of this page where the ADA price in euros is given in real time. At the start of April 2022, the price of 1 ADA was hovering around €1.

Why take an interest in the ADA price?

The price of ADA is a function of its exchange rate. This crypto of the Cardano blockchain is considered highly volatile: its price can swing wildly in very short periods of time. To be able to buy, hold and sell ADA at the price you want, you will need to carefully watch it. Coinhouse provides the price of ADA and other cryptos.

Changes in Cardano’s price

How has ADA performed since the start of 2022?

In early April 2022, the price of 1 ADA was moving between 95 cents and €1.11, a little below the price of €1.15 it was at on 1 January.

However, the ADA price had fluctuated greatly during the first three months of 2022. Its price reached €1.39 on 18 January 2022 before dropping to €0.94 five days later on 23 January.

ADA even fell to 72 cents on 12 March before climbing back up to €1 by the end of the month.


How has Cardano performed over the years?

Having started out with a market cap of $600 million, Cardano is now valued at about $35 billion as of April 2022, less than five years after its launch. Hovering around $0.02 in October 2017, ADA benefited from the large interest shown by investors at its launch and reached $1.08 on 3 January 2018. On that day, the ADA/euro exchange rate was 1 ADA for €0.895.

ADA then suffered a prolonged downward trend until it hit a historic low of €0.017 on 13 March 2020.

ADA’s price gently climbed over the rest of the year before shooting up in 2021 and reaching a record high of €2.61 on 2 September.


What to make of ADA’s performance

At a price vacillating around €1 in April 2022, the price of ADA has fallen some 61% compared to its all-time high on 2 September 2021; however, it has increased 5,800% compared to its all-time low!

Out of such extreme volatility, ADA offers some excellent opportunities for the fearless investor. This is the reason Coinhouse has it on its platform. At Coinhouse, we provide a small selection of a little over 40 cryptocurrencies, chosen for their potential and the diligence placed into their project.

We pride ourselves on the advice of our financial analysts and the responsiveness of our platform (allowing you to buy and sell quickly and securely) – important aspects for any investor wanting to get the most from the extreme fluctuations in the price of ADA.

What decides the price of ADA?

Simple supply and demand determine how much ADA is worth

Like all other cryptocurrencies or any financial asset, the price of ADA is based on how much supply there is and how many people want to buy it. So, it basically depends on the number of buyers and sellers of Cardano at a particular price at any given time.

The number of buyers and sellers depends on the confidence held by investors in the Cardano blockchain. In principle, an investor buys when they think the price of ADA will rise and sells when they think it will fall.

This confidence from investors, in turn, will depend on the advantages and disadvantages of the blockchain.


ADA price and the Cardano architecture

The Cardano blockchain is highly esteemed for its architecture. When it was first created, it was announced Cardano would be the first blockchain platform to be developed through peer-reviewed research. The platform now offers the execution of smart contracts. In fact, smart contracts have been available on the blockchain since 12 September 2021 after a hard fork called Alonzo. While this split did not give Cardano and its creators the expected boost in the market, the blockchain’s architecture remains robust and scalable.


ADA price and security

On its launch, ADA was presented as a third-generation cryptocurrency that combines speed, scalability and security. Almost five year on, transactions on the blockchain have proven to be secure. Cardano has been constantly tested by hackers but the developers have done everything to secure the trust of investors. ADA is in the top 10 largest cryptocurrencies by market cap and one of our cryptocurrencies to watch for 2022.