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Why buy Ripple?

Ripple is the 3rd largest cryptoactive in terms of market capitalization. Its demand is therefore extremely high. The Ripple project aims to replace all “Swift” bank transfers between banks. The company’s partnerships are relevant and, despite community debates, XRP could become the largest security token market.

How to buy Ripple?

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How to buy Ripple with Coinhouse

Ripple est le 4ème cryptoactif le plus capitalisé du marché. Sa demande reste forte. Le projet Ripple a pour ambition de remplacer tous les virements bancaires “Swift” entre les banques. Les partenariats effectués par l’entreprise sont pertinents et, malgré les débats au sein de la communauté, son token, le XRP, pourrait être de plus en plus utilisé sur le marché des security tokens.

Buying Ripple: what is the price of the XRP token?

The price of cryptocurrencies is volatile by nature and can fluctuate greatly. Ripple is no exception. Nevertheless, its token, XRP, is innovative in how it works: it attempts to bridge the divide between digital coins and fiat money, making it one of the most popular cryptos on the market. In fact, it allows for transactions between different currencies whether fiat or digital. This is how Ripple differentiates itself from other digital assets.

Seen as a neutral agent in cryptocurrencies, it is a decentralised exchange that uses different types of technology to establish a global system dealing with all currency exchange needs.

Buy XRP and benefit from a broad network

Ripple is a reliable cryptocurrency with global recognition, built up from entering into quality partnerships and receiving praise from the media. This favourable media exposure helps influence the price of Ripple . It also heightens the attractiveness of this cryptocurrency for investors. The popularity behind Ripple can be seen as a result of the numerous partnerships and contracts it has entered into. It is a positive feedback loop that can only help the growth of this token.

Buying Ripple: more than just a cryptocurrency

Ripple is not just a simple token, it is the name of the company (originally OpenCoin) founded by Jed McCaleb and the name of a digital currency that is highly prized by investors. It is also the name of its blockchain and its real-time gross settlement system.

Ripple seeks to become an intermediary in international financial transactions. The commissions and transaction fees involved in a transaction are minuscule, making it a favourite crypto-asset for many payments across the world. Another part of its success comes from the intuitive nature of the open-source Ripple protocol.

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How to buy Ripple

To easily buy Ripple, go to the Coinhouse trading platform. Its crypto-exchange system is reliable and accredited by the French authorities. From its convenient interface you can buy XRP and perform other transactions quickly and easily using its secure trading processes. If you ever have an enquiry or problem, our dedicated team of cryptocurrency experts are available online, by phone or at our offices to help you.

Buying Ripple through Coinhouse

Ripple is not expensive to trade in. Its transactions are quick, secure and based on an open-source protocol. Another feature of Ripple is that it does not rely on proof-of-work. In other words, there is no mining involved unlike the majority of other crypto-assets. Its transactions are processed through carefully selected validators.

But how do you buy XRP? You can buy XRP by opening up a free account with Coinhouse, which will give you the chance of investing in other cryptocurrencies (five in total, including Ripple, with the free account).

With this account, you can buy Ripple in euros by paying with a debit or credit card or by a bank transfer (minimum €20 per transaction). Transaction fees will apply based on the amount of XRP purchased. If you already have an account with Coinhouse and have a portfolio of other cryptocurrencies, you can buy Ripple with those other digital currencies.

On the other hand, opting for a subscription-based account gives you access to almost 300 cryptocurrencies. Moreover, buying Ripple or any other cryptocurrencies through this type of account will reduce the commission and transaction fees in comparison with the free account. An account manager will advise you on developing a suitable buying strategy if you need help. There are also specific offers for individuals and professionals (invoices, cash investments, etc.).

Buying Ripple: what to do after

After you buy Ripple, you can hold it in your Coinhouse account using our integrated crypto wallet or in an external wallet (that you link with your account). You can also choose to sell Ripple or swap it for any other cryptocurrency or fiat money.

Because Ripple has developed many partnerships with companies and bridged crypto with global finance, a major point of use for Ripple is to carry out transactions. For example, you can send money to an individual or a company, even buy goods and services from abroad.

Can’t this be done anyway? Ripple simplifies the process, speeds it up and reduces the costs compared to other cryptocurrencies and the international banking network Swift that Ripple fiercely competes against. Thanks to its real-time gross settlement system, each order is executed individually and at the time the orders are received.

An example of such a transaction:
Mr X lives in France and wants to send some money to Ms Y who is in the US. Mr X sends the amount in euros which is converted into Ripple. This amount in Ripple is sent to the recipient country, the US. The amount in Ripple is converted into dollars and Ms Y now has those dollars in her bank account.

The entire transaction is transparent, fast and secure. And the costs for this transfer are far lower than if Mr X had used the Swift network.

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