Coinhouse brings the benefits of the crypto-revolution to as many people as possible, within the limits of the applicable legal framework.

Coinhouse was the first player in France to obtain registration with the AMF in March 2020, under number E2020-001.


Coinhouse has also been registered with the CSSF in Luxembourg since December 2021, under number @00000005. We are committed to having the right regulatory license to operate at all times.


Coinhouse’s teams, based in France, make custody, purchase, sale and exchange of crypto-assets, as well as advisory and portfolio management services, available to the widest possible audience, within the limits of the legal framework applicable to us. Our aim is to extend our coverage to Europe, taking advantage of the new European rules introduced by the MICA regulation.


When they apply to Coinhouse on their own initiative, customers based outside France or Luxembourg may be accepted after analysis by our legal team, provided that their country of residence is not on the national or international lists of high-risk countries.


Coinhouse works on a daily basis with various public players to promote the emergence of a uniform regulatory framework that protects everyone’s interests. This commitment is reflected in our very active role in ADAN, the leading trade association for the development of crypto-assets.